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9 Things You’ll Miss About Living in the Dorms

As move out day gets closer and closer those of us living in the dorms can’t wait to finally be free of the small room we’ve called home for the past year or two. However, that freedom comes with a price. Living on your own you start to miss the things you took for granted during your time in the res halls. Here are just a few things you’ll find yourself missing as you begin your journey of adulting in IV.

1. Having multiple bathrooms to use

Unless you lived in good old FT, you may have complained about communal bathrooms when you had to deal with them for a year. Little did you realize it gave you way more options than your one-bathroom apartment will. Trust, you’ll miss this when your roommate takes a shower and you’re stuck having to wait.

2. Not having to clean

Other than just picking up your side of the room, the wonderful maintenance staff of the res halls took care of cleaning the bathrooms daily (for most) and bimonthly room cleanings. Now, its all on you and your new roomies.

3. Being so close to classes

No matter where you are in IV, you’ll never be as close to your classes as you are in the res halls. Instead of napping during that half hour between classes, you’ll now have to utilize the library or UCen so as to not make pointless commutes back home.

4. Not having to cook or grocery shop

Admit it, you’ve complained about dining common food at least 100 times since you’ve been here. But, now you must be able to provide food for yourself instead of walking a few feet to your nearest dining common. Not to mention you’ll lose the pass time of people watching and that wonderful lagoon view from Ortega.

5. Late night

Probably the best part of living on campus TBH. DLG’s late night was always there to provide you with your favorite foods after a long night of studying. Now you have to depend on your fridge as previously mentioned.

6. Waking up to the bells of Storke Tower

Even though you may have complained several times about the chiming of the bells every weekend morning as you slept in, you may find that morning silence a little eerie now.

7. Hall events

Most people seem to think these can be lame or cheesy at times, but now you’ll be missing the free food and goodies that you wish you’d taken advantage of during your time in the dorms.

8. Seeing so many people you know and walking down the hall like:

Only in the dorms do you get to run into at least five people you know every day in between classes.

9. Your roommates

Unless you and your roomies became the best of friends over the course of the year, chances are you won’t be seeing them too much. Despite any issues you guys may have had over the year, you got past it and shared a lot of time with them. Now, you’ll all being going your own ways as the school year ends and move out day happens.


Deyana Gorman is a second year pre-biology major at the University of California Santa Barbara from Simi Valley, California. Outside of writing for Her Campus, Deyana can usually be found watching her favorite youtubers, hanging out with friends, playing video games, brushing up on her photography skills, or doing activities with her sorority sisters. She plans on one day studying abroad in Italy, Ireland, and Australia as well as going on road trip adventures throughout California.
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