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8 Ways to Show Your Roomie You Care

Crazy roommate horror stories are a given when it comes to college life. Granted, you might not be the one involved, but there’s no doubt that you have heard or will hear a number of roommate stories ranging from the somewhat strange to the unbelievable. Consider yourself lucky if you haven’t had a personal account of roommate insanity and show your current roomie how much you care about her. Here’s how: 

1.     Buy her flowers: Ok, this one sounds more like something a significant other would do, but flowers are a universal and simple way to tell someone “Hey, you’re important to me.” Of course if she’s into baking, feel free to follow Will Ferrell’s lead.

2.     Or food. Food always helps: Consider splitting a pizza or sharing a tub of ice cream. Food is the key to one’s heart, after all. 

3.     Plan a girls’ night (in or out): Any type of bonding activity will definitely bring you two closer together. 

4.     Ask about her day: Asking your roomie how she is ultimately shows your interest in her well-being and her life in general.  

5.     Comfort her when she’s feeling down: One of the most significant things you can do for your roomie is celebrating the good times, but moreso supporting her during the bad times as well. In this case, listening and a hug go a LONG way.

6.     Leave her cute notes: This is where post-its come in handy. They can be as simple as “have a great day!” or have inspirational quotes written on them. Leave the notes around your dorm or apartment as a little reminder to your roomie that you wish them the best. 

7.     Give advice: This one can go either way. You can show your support by agreeing with your roomie’s decision, whatever it may be, but just as important is your differing perspective—maybe you disagree and see something your roommate doesn’t and offering supportive or constructive advice is beneficial, either way.  

8.     Allow her to be herself:  What better way to show you care about her than accepting her for who she really is? Quirks, flaws and all.  

Naomi is a fourth-year, English major and Multimedia Writing minor at UCSB. She is originally from the LA area, but aspires to someday make it in New York as a web content writer. Cats, green tea and British accents are slight obsessions of hers.
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