8 Reasons Why Jennifer Lawrence is Every Woman...Ever!

These days Jennifer Lawrence appears to be most genuine, widely successful, and well-liked celebrity in the public eye. Appearing in back-to-back blockbusters and repeatedly stealing the show on the red carpet, she's shown us the good, the bad, and the cringeworthy which have made us all realize that she's actually just like us. Besides the small fact that we don't have a couple million bucks or paparazzi selling their firstborn to snag a photo, she seems to always say what we're thinking. Like it or not, here's why JLaw is the real you that you often don't let out of the house. 

1. She hates public interactions

We’ve all that kind of day where you put your sunglasses on and headphones in while you walk to class, even though there’s no music playing, just so you don’t have to talk to anyone you pass by. Sunglasses? Made solely for diverting eye contact and can, in fact, be worn in the rain.

What most of us don’t think about is how we’d react on those kinds of days if that girl across the courtyard who seems to be on facetime suddenly comes lunging toward you asking -very loudly I might add- for a picture. Well, that’s pretty much what daily life is like for A-list celebrities who simply might not be in the mood to hug you and sign your baby’s face with a sharpie.

In an interview with Variety, Jennifer Lawrence admitted that once she enters a public place, she will “become incredibly rude”, going as far to call herself a “huge a**hole.” While you might just be trying to dodge embarrassing stories of yourself from last weekend, or avoiding an awkward side-hug from my a partner from freshman year whose name could be literally anything, JLaw says this is really the only way she can defend herself when she goes out in public.

Me too girl, me too.


2. She has a “vacation” alter ego

And by “vacation”, she basically means her drunk persona, Gail.

Why Gail you might ask? There is no concrete evidence that can isolate one thing or another, but rather, it's a look that your friend gives you when the heat of rum burns in your chest, fueling the adrenaline behind that mischievous smile before running off at full speed into the middle of the street. Or perhaps that tequila shot with lime to chase that electrifies your heartbeat and gives you a bit of a crazy eye twitch as you jump on top of the bar. Its the voice in the back of your head that says “do it” when every part of your body says “for the love of God, please don’t do this again!”

The name chooses you my friends, and reluctantly, we know we all have one.


3. Roasts her friends (as if she’s not on camera)

In case you missed the Oscars this past weekend, JLaw jumped at the opportunity to poke fun at one of her best friends, Emma Stone, when a joke was made about La La Land’s accidental announcement as best picture over Moonlight in last year’s award show.


This isn’t the first time that Lawrence hasn’t missed a beat when it comes to trolling her friends on and off the red carpet. After all, are they even your friends if they never let you live down some of your most embarrassing moments? A good reality check never hurt anybody.


4. Always thinking about her next meal even while she’s eating

Honestly, I didn’t even think this was an outlandish concept until Jennifer Lawrence started getting attention for it in the media. I’ve been doing this since the day my mom was telling me to “eat your green beans now, and you can have ice cream later.” It’s not a fat problem, it's called being strategic and investing in your future.

And while I’m walking around with my headphones in and no music, I’m probably thinking about how fast I need to get to lecture so I can eat this bagel I jammed in my backpack -another reason why I’d rather you not stop and talk to me. Find your motivation. Mine is bagels.  


5. Says “sorry” too much...and then apologizes for that too

This is a shout out to anyone whose apologies for the wind blowing the wrong direction have been shut down aggressively by your friends in the form of a “sorry jar”. If I had a quarter for every time I apologized for unnecessary things all day, I still wouldn’t be rich, I mean they’re only quarters, c’mon. But I would have like…ten bucks, not to brag.

YOU’RE NOT ALONE because at least JLaw does it too.


6. She’s a hypochondriac

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, she’s admitted that she’s so paranoid about getting sick, she considers her and her doctor “coworkers”. Among other strange Google searches for “cute” bacteria, she’s self-diagnosed herself with a stroke due to a headache and stressed herself out so much about her stomach pain that she actually started bleeding from her intestine (TMI?).

If WebMD and Wikihow are your go-to guides on self-treating seasonal allergies, she’s your girl.


7. She’s very protective of her dog

Let’s get something straight: as much as I love petting every dog I see on the street, I am very VERY hypocritically protective of my animal. Every dog-sneeze is worth a “bless you.” Every cry that comes from my stepping on his little toes has me grovel at his feet, begging for forgiveness. We are not worthy of their conditional love and happiness.

Perhaps this adds to the fact that JLaw might seem rude in public, but if anyone got between me and my dog: GAME. OVER.


8. She owns her insecurities like a boss

And maybe there’s something to be said for that. Every time I see her in an interview, she’s always calling herself out for some flaw in her appearance or an embarrassing thing that just happened to her. Even still, she holds her head high and continues to wow the masses on the red carpet and on screen.

Moral of the schpeel: sometimes being yourself is more than enough. Don’t be so self-conscious, even when you feel like nothing is coming together, people are not going to be as hard on you as you are yourself. Own it. Some of your greatest insecurities might be the things that people find most endearing.