6 Styles To Look Out For This Summer

It is that magical time of year again, the time of sunshine, cold drinks, tan lines, and cute clothes. Although we love our sleek leather boots and chic cozy sweaters, we are ready to strip away the layers and get into summer fashion. Here are some styles you might want to be on the lookout for this summer!

1. Slaying in Stripes

Stripes are everywhere: cute dresses, classic tee shirts, even pinstripe pants. My personal favorites are pieces with blue and white stripes, perfect for summer! Stripes can be used for a classic, everyday look for an afternoon in the sun.

2. Rompers


Is it summer without rompers? Perfect for brunch, a shopping day with your friends or the perfect summer date!

3. Cropped & boxy, to show some skin!


A cropped, boxy blouse with high waisted jeans or a skirt can be a flattering look for any body type and show however little or much skin as you wish! Add a belt for an extra polished look and to really show off your waist. Also, definitely saw Gigi Hadid wearing this look a lot and whatever Gigi wears, I will wear.

4. Get it, Gingham!


Gingham is no longer just for picnic tables! It’s chic and perfect for that cute, youthful summer look. Pair a gingham piece with a regular staple like jean shorts or a skirt for a super easy outfit that looks trendy and polished!

5. High waisted shorts never disappoint


Cute, classic, flattering… need we say more? Again, toss in a belt to cinch your waist and turn a casual outfit into a sweet, summer look.

6. Denim Skirts: the sweetest staple

Denim skirts are definitely another cute staple to add to your closet this summer. Denim skirts are as easy as shorts and can go with anything: tee shirts or flowy blouses, sandals or sneakers, stripes or gingham. They’re a great feminine touch for an everyday look, without extra effort.

It looks like the word for summer fashion 2018 would be “simple”. Simple colors and patterns, paired with staple pieces like denim skirts or shorts. Happy summer and we hope you enjoy find some looks you love!

Images via Pinterest