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5 Ways I Tried to Get Rid of Bad Energy in My Apartment

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It all started with my roommate saying that the friend she had invited the day before felt bad energy in her apartment. Two of my roommates had mild anxiety attacks, and we all stayed up until three or four in the morning. To ease their anxiety, we took a 3 AM walk trying to distract them from their anxious thoughts. The walk momentarily worked, until the anxiety shifted towards being about being out at such a late hour. We also heard an owl and one of us even accidentally stepped on poop. It was quite an eventful night that did not ease our worries. The next day I decided to find a way to get rid of the bad energy.

The first way I tried to clear the bad energy was to play healing sounds in the living room. Spotify has many playlists that are about healing and cleansing. My roommate said that she was surprised by the relief she felt while the music was playing. The sounds are soothing and can be relaxing to hear.

While the music played, I started to sweep. I swept the living room, kitchen area, and outside the door. I do not recall if that was the correct step, but I thought it made sense to sweep the “bad energy” outside of the apartment. I also wiped down the doorknobs, and the counter with a Clorox wipe to be extra cautious; if Clorox can kill 99% of germs, then it can definitely get rid of bad energy.

During my break from cleaning, I called my mom to find more ways to cleanse our space, and she suggested I move my plant into the living room area. Before I left, she gifted me a sansevieria plant, and it is known to purify the air.

The next step to cleansing the space was to journal. I felt like I had stored up negative energy, and I wanted to release it. I found it therapeutic, and it felt nice to write down my thoughts that felt too scary to ever say out loud. The writing allowed me to reflect and feel some ease.

Finally, the most important step was to bring joy back into our home. To do this, my roommates and I baked brownies and decorated for Christmas (way too early). We ate and caught up about our weekends and had a really good time. Doing a fun activity like baking, watching a movie, decorating, or chatting can elevate the mood.

Whether the steps helped get rid of the bad energy is debatable, but even if it was a placebo effect, what mattered was that we felt safe in our apartment again. It has been two weeks since, and we haven’t felt any bad energy or had any bad nights.

Brenda is a fourth-year majoring in feminist studies and sociology and minoring in the professional writing program. She was born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles. If she is not studying or writing she is probably watching a romantic comedy.