5 Ways to Heatless Waves

The sun is out and there’s nothing hotter this summer than sexy, beachy waves! But with hair being so sensitive, it’s hard to keep our hair curled without using a curling iron. So, what’s a girl to do?

Have no fears, we’ve got you covered! Here’s five heatless ways to achieve perfectly tousled hair:


1. The Rope Braid

Striving for more circular curls? The rope braid is your new bestie.

Start out by parting your hair in half. Then split each pigtail in half and twist them around each other, like a rope! Tie off your work with a hair band at the bottom. Finally, seal the deal with by sleeping on your twists. Take them out in the morning, and tada! You’ve got curls, girl!

Image via XOJane


2. The Bun

Trust us, it works! Throw your hair up in a bun and you’ll have mermaid waves by sunrise!

Image via SheFinds


4. The Classic Braid

If you love the look for darling, 1920’s finger waves, just doze off with your hair in basic three strand braids!


Image via Martha Stewart


5. The Scrunch

Not down for sleeping in buns? We totally get it. Instead, grab some moose post shower, flip your hair over, and go to town scrunching! You’ll get loose, beachy waves that stay in all day.

Image via My Beauty Naturally


Now get out there and rock your waves! Because truly gorgeous hair is healthy, heat free hair!