5 Ways to Eat Local as a UCSB Student

We have all been at the Gaucho Certified Farmers Market and considered buying those tubs of hummus and juicy-looking strawberries. However, we've also quickly learned that, other than hummus and strawberries, there really aren't many other options to buy organic.

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Here’s where to find more of that Santa Barbara local yum:


1. El Camino Real Marketplace on Sundays

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This farmer’s market offers everything from beautiful eggs from happy chickens to homemade pots for your favorite succulents. Veg, greens, berries, nuts, lavender and bee products, this FM is a great start to discovering Santa Barbara’s local food scene.


2. Isla Vista Co-op

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This wealth of goodies is more than just conveniently located! Whatever you need, odds are you’ll find it (and some exotic fruit in season along the way)! The Co-op even puts on frequent events like live music and yoga (with free snacks included)! If you are in the mood for organic snacks, teas, and inexpensive wines, this may just be the perfect stop—after a long day of classes—or running late to a picnic on the beach!


3. The Farmbox Collective

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On Wednesdays you’ll Find The Farmbox Collective at the Isla Vista Co-op distributing custom boxes of delicious fruit and veg! Just sign up on their website, make payments online, and look forward to a treasure-trove of locally grown goods from local farms put together just for you. It’s so easy, you don’t even have to decide which fun-looking produce to try… and you’ll be sure to love it all since the box comes with corresponding recipes.


4. Santa Barbara Farmers Market on Tuesdays

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Instead of waiting for that beloved State Street stroll on Saturday afternoon, bus down after class to experience firsthand the transformation: booths of produces, plants, and yummy plates. You may just find your yourself coming home with a bushel of sunflowers for your dining table.


5. Lazy Acres Market

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This store has a plethora of local flavor. This grocery chain is dedicated to their organic and locally grown image. If you are not careful, a visit to this store could cost you a pretty penny (especially if you make the trip hungry). It is fun to explore and see the available variety, just be sure to stick to your grocery list!