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5 Unpopular Places in Isla Vista You Didn’t Know About

When you think of IV, most people automatically think of Freebirds and DP. Well, I’m here to tell you there’s a lot more to IV than just that. Here’s 5 unpopular places in IV:

1. The land remains of Colonel Colin Campbell

AKA Coal Oil Point. Many of you may know this place if you have gone there to do community restoration projects. But did you know this use to be location of a HUGE house? And on top of that, it used to be a cemetery!

Location: If you don’t know where the Coal Oil Point is, go all the way down Del Playa, and once you hit the beach, go down the trail about one-and-a-half miles out and you should get there.

2. The “Jailhouse”

This actually used to be the Campbell’s beach house!

Location: East of where the Coal Oil Point is, the house is right on the beach.

3.  Bikini Park

Although there aren’t many people roaming around in bikinis, there is a chance for you to go rock climbing.

Location: Right on the 660 block between Abrego and Sueno

4.  Estero Community Gardens

Did you know IV has a garden? Well you do now! Through the IV Park & Recreation District, IV residents can rent small plots of gardens to grow their own fresh produce. UCSB is a green campus and so is the Isla Vista Community!

Location: On Estero Road, right across from Campus 880

5. Greek Park

Nothing says Greek unity like an art project, right? This cool park stands out because of the contributions the Panhellenic and Multicultural Greek organizations have put into this park.

Location: Right across the Alpha Phi Sorority house in I.V.

Elizabeth Vasquez graduated from UC Santa Barbara back in 2016 with a BA in English. Elizabeth currently resides in the Silicon Valley area and works for Modern Luxury Silicon Valley magazine as a marketing & events coordinator. When she isn't working, Elizabeth enjoys dining out with friends, reading a book and spending time with her two dogs. See what she is up to on Instagram: @iamelizabethvasquez and on Twitter: @MissElizabethLV
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