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5 Unconventional Hangover Cures That Really Work!

The weekend is over, and if you are anything like me, you are probably reeling from a head splitting hangover after too many shots of the classiest of all drinks in Isla Vista –Heritage Vodka. A morning bloody mary or mimosa after a night out on the town may be delicious and might make you feel better for a little while, but these sweet nectars gifted to us from heaven won’t solve the problem. Here are a couple unconventional hangover cures that actually work and won’t leave you stuck in bed watching Law and Order: SVU marathons all day while contemplating death.


1.     Coconut Water: coconut water is by far the hangover beverage of champions. It’s loaded with electrolytes, which your body will be begging for after a night of plastic handle pulls and questionable choices. See also: Gatorade and Pedialyte (It’s not just for kids anymore ladies!)

2.     Take a Mustard Bath! : Mustard is amazing for drawing toxins from your body so if you are looking for a super natural way to cure your hangover invest in some mustard powder or a pre-made mustard bath product and at it to your bath!

3.     Salt Water: Just add half a teaspoon of salt to two liters of water. The reason this works is because your poisoned digestive system is much better at taking in an isotonic solution rather than pure water.

4.     Miso Soup: Having a big bowl of miso soup works in many of the same ways as downing salt water but with the added bonus of beneficial fermented bacteria, enzymes and nutrients, all of which can help with digestion. Plus its cheap and delicious so why not?

5.     Bacon!: It’s actually been proven that Bacon can cure hangovers. Bacon sandwiches to be exact. The combination of carbohydrates and protein can really make you feel awesome so throw some bacon in the oven and toast a couple pieces of bread. You’ll be hangover free in no time!

I am a senior Film and Media Studies major and artist who plans to write professionally one day. I hope to one day be able to inspire others through my work!
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