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5 Thoughts About Turning 20

Turning twenty is by no means a huge milestone. To be honest, it really signifies nothing more than entering a new decade. But for some strange reason, when it happens to you it feels almost unreal. Having just turned 20 myself, I’m at that point. So, here are a few thoughts people have when they turn 20.

1. Goodbye teen years, hello 20s!

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 You are completely out of your teen years, so it’s time to welcome this new chapter of your life. Not to mention, as everyone has said before, your twenties are some of the best years of your life.  

2. Wait…I’m a real adult now…

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As terrifying as it is, yes, you are now considered an adult. While we still have college to protect us from the harsh reality of adulting, it’s sitting in the back of everyone’s mind.  

3. Only one more year until I’m fully legal!!

via giphy.com Although you’re considered an adult, you aren’t able to do EVERYTHING yet. Turning 20 comes with a “so close, yet so far” feeling when it comes to being able to legally drink or go to clubs for the 21+ crowd.  

4. I’ve had two decades’ worth of impact on everything.

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Weird, but true. You have been around for a solid two decades and it’s almost hard to not think about all the events that have happened in your lifetime and the impacts (however small they may be) that you’ve made.  

5. I have to consciously remember I’m 20.

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It’s a strange feeling. Like it doesn’t almost feel real at first. Someone will ask your age, and you’re about to say 19, but then you stop and remember your actual age. It happens to the best of us.

So what will our twenties bring? Well, that’s up to us to find out. Good luck, and have fun with it!

Deyana Gorman is a second year pre-biology major at the University of California Santa Barbara from Simi Valley, California. Outside of writing for Her Campus, Deyana can usually be found watching her favorite youtubers, hanging out with friends, playing video games, brushing up on her photography skills, or doing activities with her sorority sisters. She plans on one day studying abroad in Italy, Ireland, and Australia as well as going on road trip adventures throughout California.
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