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5 Things No Student Wants to Hear at Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, most of us can’t wait to go home and not think about school. Unfortunately, there is always that one family member (or sometimes multiple) that remind us of everything we try not to think about. Here are a few things us college students are sick of hearing every time we see our families.

1. “How is college?”

This is every family member’s attempt to make conversation with you. Honestly, we don’t even know how college is ourselves, and trying to play it off as if everything is under control when it really isn’t can be low-key stress inducing. We come home purely to get away from the stress of classes and to eat an actual meal, how do you think it’s going?

2. “What are your plans after you graduate?”

A.K.A. “What are you going to do with your (insert major) degree?” This can be especially stress inducing for those who are about to graduate. What are our plans after college? We ask ourselves this question every day as we either frantically look for post-grad jobs or try to avoid the topic completely. Also, this question feels so judgmental half the time, especially if you give the honest “I don’t know” as your answer.

3. “Is there anyone special in your life?”

You mean besides myself? No. And even if I did, it wouldn’t make a difference, because there is no right answer to this. Either way you answer this question will usually lead to how you “should be focused on your studies and will have plenty of time to date after college.” My opinion on this is if I’m not all up in your personal life, please don’t tell me how I should live mine.

4. “Do you have a job?”

Yes, I do. And if I didn’t, so what? I’m living on that college budget either way. Having a job will typically have your time management skills questioned (especially if you have a sinking GPA) and not having a job will get your life style questioned. Neither response is pleasant, or welcomed, so please avoid it at all costs.

5. “How do you have time to party with all your classes?” (and variations of the like)

Being a UCSB student we hear this question every single time someone finds out where we go. “Oh, you go to the party school” is a statement we literally roll our eyes at any time we hear it. People constantly question our abilities to balance our social and academic lives. Believe it or not people, it can be done. So please, stop asking us about it.

Deyana Gorman is a second year pre-biology major at the University of California Santa Barbara from Simi Valley, California. Outside of writing for Her Campus, Deyana can usually be found watching her favorite youtubers, hanging out with friends, playing video games, brushing up on her photography skills, or doing activities with her sorority sisters. She plans on one day studying abroad in Italy, Ireland, and Australia as well as going on road trip adventures throughout California.
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