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5 Things To Do Before You Graduate

If you’re a senior, you’re probably soaking up as much ~college life~ as you possibly can. You have roughly 7 weeks left, and to the majority of people, that’s terrifying. So while you’re enjoying your daygers, inhaling your Freebirds, and making memories, remember to do these 5 things before you graduate.


1. Have a Ladies’ Night

Image via Sky Waikiki

It’s a really special thing to live with all of your best friends in college. I mean, how lucky are we to be able to live with other women who constantly inspire us to be better humans? So break out a bottle of champagne and celebrate each other in a good ol’ fashioned girls’ night.


2. Watch the sunset without your phone.

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This will be one of your last sunsets in Santa Barbara, so just take it in. Take in the fact that you live on the beach. Go to school on the beach. And take in the fact that we are so darn lucky to have the opportunity to watch the sunset slowly hide behind the ocean each day.


3. Make sure to take graduation photos.

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This might sound like something that’s hard to forget, but even if you don’t plan on sending graduation announcements, take a graduation photo. You’ll regret not having those photos to look back on in years to come. Tip: photographers book up, so be sure to try and book a photographer somewhat in advance.


4. Call your family.

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Look at how cute this stockcard family photo is. That could be you. Call your mom and dad not just to update them on graduation details, but just to say thanks. They’ve supported you over the years and your graduation is probably an emotional moment for them. Call to check in on them. Say hi. Say thank you.


5. Write thank you notes.

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Okay this one sounds boring, but write thank you notes to people who have really affected you over your time at college. Thank the professors who have had a meaningful impact, the girl who inspired you to be your best self, and the faculty that got you where you wanted to be in your education. It’ll take 10 minutes of your life to write one of these notes, but it will mean the world to the recipient. I mean, just imagine how much it would mean if someone wrote you a note telling you how inspiring you’ve been to them. So thank those who go thankless way too often, whether that’s your professor, your club advisor, or your boss. They rock.  

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