5 Songs for Rainy Days

Summer is officially over and the nights are getting colder. People are slowly cycling out their tank tops and shorts for corduroy and sweaters, and the moisture in the sea-salty Isla Vista air is clinging to every bike seat in the cold of the nights. Sunny days are already dwindling, with the sun bidding its farewell to us before 5:00 PM each day, but the coldest and wettest is yet to come. The onset of winter signal one thing to every IV dweller: oh-so-many rainy days. 

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Winter quarter is a rather dismal and soggy time, inundated with seasonal depression and long nights of studying. It’s a time when us UCSB beach bums are forced to put away our flip-flops and put on some socks because day in and day out, we’re faced with rain. It’s not enough that we live right next to the ocean, water feels the need to surround us entirely during these months. During these trying times, it’s especially important to cuddle up in a soft blanket (Costco has excellent options) and soothe the soul with some rainy-day tunes. 

Here are five of my favorite songs for the soon-to-be rainy days:

  1. 1. Chilly by NIKI

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    Filled to the brim with wintry nostalgia and NIKI’s effortless vocals, this song speaks of that pang of loneliness that a lot of us are sure to feel on a given rainy day. This track is sure to leave you feeling reminiscent over a past relationship as the raindrops fall outside your window. Plus, for more simpy R&B/pop, check out the rest of NIKI’s music!

  2. 2. Coke & Henny Pt. 2 by Pink $weats

    In this song, Pink $weats pines over lost love. The guitar melody is ear-catching and it’ll have you singing along in your feelings while cuddled up in bed. Simple and indulging, this song is a sure staple in the rainy-day music repertoire.

  3. 3. Transform by Daniel Caesar ft. Charlotte Day Wilson

    In my humble opinion, this is probably one of the most underrated tracks from Daniel Caesar’s ‘Freudian.’ It showcases (per usual) his impeccable vocals, and has an element of artistry that isn’t as present in his most popular pieces. On a cold, wet day, his voice (and Charlotte Day Wilson’s) wraps around you like a warm blanket, and the song provides a bouncier beat and describes a relationship in a real and candid way--a fresh change from the typical break-up or love song.

  4. 4. Awkward by Tyler, The Creator

    This one is just good. There’s nothing much more to be said. A gem from Tyler’s older music, it’s a slower piece with notes of melancholia and a smooth beat. 

  5. 5. One Last Time by Summer Salt

    This song is breezy and soft, filled to the brim with the essence of a beach vacation (but make it just a little bit sad). On rainy days, it’s important to remember sunnier days instead of wallowing in R&B gloom. Summer Salt has a unique sound that I’ve yet to hear in another band, and they’re even better live than they sound in recordings. 

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Now, equipped with this handful of rainy day songs, the days inside will be a little groovier, and the sad ones will make your heart match the conditions of the outdoors. A little gloom never killed anybody, but don’t let the IV storms drag you down. Sunny days will come soon enough.