5 Scary Movies to Stream on Netflix

Halloween might be over, but it’s never too late to grab some popcorn and cuddle up for some #spookyseason flicks. Check out this list of scary movies that'll give you nightmares for days:

1. Scream

It's hard not to start with one of the classics. This movie is one of the best known horror films, generating sequels, parodies, and remakes a plenty. Personally, I don't find it exceptionally scary, but its iconic reputation makes it a must-watch. 

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2. The Witch

Let me ask, “would you like to live deliciously?” If so, then The Witch is the movie for you! I may be biased because I just really like all the horror movies A24 puts out, but there's a reason I like them… they're actually good, original, and will leave you pondering the meaning for weeks after you watch them.


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3. XX

This is an anthology of short horror films and while I'm not super in love with every single one of them, I do love that they're all directed by women. That being said, the joy of the series is that there's hopefully one story you'll like- whether it be a dark comedy, a retelling of a short story, or a continuation of a classic horror film.Image via Buffalo News

4. Candyman

Personally, I feel horror movies are best executed when they have a deeper meaning or leave you mulling over more than just the jump scares and gore. Candyman is a piece of film that really explores a series of intense themes through its complex symbolism and its brilliant handling of complex themes, like racism in particular.

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5. Coraline 

This movie is an easy watch for those not as fond of the horror genre. It's unsettling in the sense that it's a kid's movie, but it's a brilliant one at that. The animation and storytelling makes it a movie for the ages!

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