5 Restaurants We'd Love to See Come to IV

If you've lived in Isla Vista for a least a year or two, you've probably noticed that a lot of restaurants tend to come and go faster than the students. Although we already have a few well-established favorites (looking at you, Blaze Pizza), there's always more that can be added to the list. Here are just a few of our top choices of what we'd like to see come to (and hopefully stay in) IV!

1. Backyard Bowls 

(Photo courtesy of zomato.com)

Yes, we do already have a Backyard Bowls on State Street, but here's the thing: IV really has no restaurant with respectable acai bowls. And how much nicer would it be to have biking access to one?


(Photo courtesy of brandeating.com)

Okay, okay, we are aware that this one is a pretty big stretch. To be honest, we'd pretty much settle for any place with pancakes. How is it possible that there not one breakfast/brunch place in all of IV?! 

3. Panera Bread

(Photo courtesy of panerabread.com)

Although we already have quite the selection of sandwich places in IV, Panera is so much more than just a sandwich place. They have paninis! They have soups! They have so many yummy and well-priced pastries! 

4. Chipotle

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Just think about it. How great would that be?

5. Wendy's 

(Photo courtesy of brandeating.com)

We know that one of the most unique things about the Santa Barbara area is that it keeps big chain business to a minimum. But let's face it. IV needs to get a place with a dollar menu up in here. 

What are some of the restaurants you'd like to see come to IV?

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