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5 Instagram Accounts You Have To Follow Now

Whether it’s week 9 or week 1, there is always time for some good ol’ procrastination. Our favorite way to burn time is by swiping through goal-worthy Instagram accounts, thus continuing our never-ending mission to find the best aesthetics and memes. So get ready to board the struggle bus, because here’s our 5 favorite Instagram accounts you need to follow now:  

1. The Very Best Things Humans Say: Overheard LA (@overheardLA)

You know that wonderful moment when you’re just minding your own business when overhear someone saying the dumbest / most hilarious / low-key genius thing and think to yourself: same?

Meet Overheard LA. It’s the one place where people in LA submit all the strange tidbits they overhear. Some of what they say is completely profound, while others make you wonder how natural selection hasn’t already removed these people from society.


2. An Artistic and Authentic Look at Life: Mari Andrew (@bymariandrew)

If you’re a fan of Rupi Kaur’s Milk & Honey, you’re going to adore Mari. After facing life changing paralyzation / recovery, heartbreak, and rejection as a struggling artist, Mari’s whimsical and minimalistic art gives us the best life advice because she totally gets us.


3. IV’s Most Famous Doggo: Pavlov the Corgi (@pavlovthecorgi)

Let’s face it: if your day isn’t made by seeing the sweet face and stumpy legs of a corgi, you may actually be Satan. And there’s no cuter corgi around than IV’s local low-rider, Pavlov the Corgi! Check out his fun and furry adventures as he takes on the world, one stump at a time.


4. The Minimalist Cool-Girl Aesthetic We All Want: Glossier (@glossier)

As college girls with zero time and hundreds of aspirations, it is our goal to have perfectly glowy skin and minimalistic “I just naturally have amazing bone structure and flushed cheeks” makeup. Enter Glossier. With their effortlessly simple skincare line and perfectly pigmented products, Glossier is the perfect fit for the girl on the go. Their posts provide us insight into the making of their holy grail products as well as what their models and Glossier Girls are wearing on the daily, which gives us major beauty inspiration. Plus, their sleek millennial pink and white color scheme is to die for.

Bonus: Glossier is also killin’ the Insta Stories game as they do have a new and free wallpaper posted once a week, every week. Can we get a round of applause?



5. For When You Want Something Disgustingly Satisfying: Sandra Lee, MD (@drpimplepopper)

Let’s be real for a moment: we all pick at our skin. Pimples, blackheads, large pores — you name it! But the next time you feel the urge to squeeze whatever gunk is under your skin, STOP! Take a deep breath. And then go to Dr. Pimple Popper’s Insta page for your daily dose of pimple extraction. Not only is it validating to know that our blemishes are nowhere near as  large as the one’s Dr. Pimple Popper handles, but it’s high-key satisfying seeing everything come out (we know you think so, too!)

And there you have it! 5 new Instas you HAVE to follow– so go ahead and explore, ladies!

All images via Instagram. 

Isabelle is a third-year Gaucho who has never met a dog she didn't like. She's tackling a double major in Communication and Psychology as well as minors in Art & Technology and Education. In her free time, Isabelle enjoys sipping boba, snapping photos, and spending time with her amazing partner.
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