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5 Holiday Gifts for Adulting in College: Urban Outfitters Edition

As the holiday season is approaching quickly, your adult wishlist has never been easier and trendier than the new home collection from Urban Outfitters. We went to our local Urban on State Street to scope out the gifts you need to make adulting in this unprecedented time a little more bearable.


Gia Resin Planter ($12.00 - $39.00)

This picturesque Gia Resin planter came just in time for holiday decor! It’s opaque white color lets you decorate your home with any color scheme you choose. Coming in multiple different sizes, you can decide how noticeable or subtle you want this statement piece to be. Whether it's filled with winter greenery, holiday bulbs, or your favorite candies, this vase is sure to add some adulting flair to your living space.


Anxiety Happens: 52 Ways to Find Peace of Mind by John P. Forsyth Ph.D. & Georg H. Eifert Ph.D. ($14.95)

Anxiety levels within our generation have risen dramatically since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Anxiety Happens gives doable and proven methods to ease anxiety and have readers focus on mindfulness strategies to get through the day. As we navigate online schooling and lack of social interactions, this is one way this holiday season to stay in touch with your mental health. Check it out for an alternative to those anxious thoughts that creep in just as fast as those sneaky online assignments.


To-Go Market Bag ($12.00)

Now that more stores have opened just in time for the holiday season, this To-Go Market Bag is perfect for shopping and the environment. Made from netted cotton, this reusable bag comes in four different colors. It can be your go-to for produce, knick-knacks, or cute storage in your kitchen. 


Little Book of House Plants and Other Greenery by Emma Sibley ($14.99)

Little Book of House Plants is a perfect guide to new plant owners or veterans of the greenery gang. With over 50 of the most popular in-house plants, this book contains potting and care tips to create the mini garden of your dreams, right inside your room. You don’t need to have a green thumb anymore to grow the plants your heart desires.


Amped Fleece Throw Blanket ($44.00)

The cold weather has finally hit Santa Barbara, and with that, we say hello to these Amped Fleece Throw Blankets that not only keep you warm, but add a cozy aesthetic to any room. This fleece throw is perfect for those late-night homework sessions or the binge-watching your favorite show. Coming in eight colors, these throws are sure to fit you or your gift recipients house ~vibe~.  

Bella Powell is a Senior Communication major that grew up on the Central Coast. When she is not doing ~online~ school, you can find her working at Amazon, re-watching "The Office", or hanging out with her kittens, Garbanzo and Chickpea.
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