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5 Fun New Ways to Procrastinate (Cause you Deserve a Break)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCSB chapter.

You love procrastinating. It’s okay, we all do. But are you fed up with just checking Instagram to pass the time? Check out below to find out our new favorite ways to procrastinate! 

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1. Paint on your Computer

Remember when you were a kid in elementary school and you had Computer Lab once a week? OBVIOUSLY the best part of Computer Lab was the fact that you got to use Paint. Because nothing says childhood like the virtual paint app that reminds you what a terrible artist you are. Still, it’s one of our fondest memories.

Try it here: http://kidmons.com/game/paint-online

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2. Volunteer Online

This is actually a really cool site, because it asks you basic questions (ex: What is 2 x 2?) and for every question you get right, 10 grains of rice will be donated to a child in need. You’re volunteering AND procrastinating. Two birds with one stone.

Try it here: http://freerice.com/#/english-vocabulary/1373

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3. Workout

Hahaha I’m kidding. Instead, go to Pinterest and find the best-looking cake there is and try to recreate it with your friends. Bonus points if you guys try to decorate it blindfolded.

Try it here: https://www.pinterest.com

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4. Write a Letter to a Kick-Ass Lady

Imagine how you’d feel if you received an email saying how great you are. Let someone know why they inspire you. It will make their whole week, and really, it’s just nice to be nice.

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5. Puppies

Look up something called “Precious Puppies” on Netflix. Trust us, it’ll be the best 53 minutes of your life. 

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