5 Feelings When Studying Abroad

1. When it's the week before you go and you start to ask yourself, Is this REALLY what I want? WHY AM I DOING THIS?! 

 2. When you're on the plane, your nerves hit and your mind immediately starts searching for any reason to get off right before takeoff.

3.  Buttttttt then you finally land and the city is different and the language is different and everything is different and you realize your dreams are finally coming true.

4. And when you finally start getting over the culture shock and realize you're actively participating in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

5.  And you look back at the journey that brought you here and just know that if you made it this far, you can take on absolutely anything.

Studying abroad comes paired with a wild rollercoaster of emotions, collegiettes. Whether you're thinking about applying, are in the middle of the application process, or have been accepted and ready to go, know that all your current feelings are completely natural and normal. Just ask any of us who have been there!