5 Cute Tips for Winter Layering

With cold weather approaching, it's important to keep cozy while still looking fabulous! Winter season means that we have to somehow survive the outdoor weather, so it would definitely be ideal to bundle up with layers. Not only does layering keep you warm, but it also allows you to create different looks with different fashion pieces. Here are 5 trendy layering tips that will help you achieve a cozy/fabulous look for the Winter:

1.  3 layers are good enough!


Something to keep in mind is that hot flashes tend to happen to us! So whenever you're indoors, you'll feel the need to take off some layers. For that reason, it's a good idea to limit your layers to only 3.

2. Leather jackets are so in!

Playing around with the layering of leather jackets will definitely give you an edgy look! Top it off with a scarf to give your outfit a pop of color!

3. Mix light colored thin layers with darker thick layers.

These layers aren't as thick and chunky, but they sure do look comfy! Wearing a light colored thin layer, such as a cardigan with a thicker layer, like a hooded green jacket will make your outfit stand out. You'll also be prepared for the rain wearing soemthing similar like this!


4. Flannels are always a good idea.

Flannels never fail to make your outfit look fun and stylish! There's so many ways you can style them, and here's one of our faves! This is perfect for a cool weather kind of day.

5. Black/grey color scheme is perfect for this season.

Drak gray and black mix together like no other, especially this season! A warm cozy coat will give your outfit a Winter vibe along with a soft thin scarf and black knitted beanie. Pair your outfit with long suede over the kneee boots and you're set for the cold weather looking stylish!