5 Cool Stores to Check Out in Downtown Santa Barbara

Downtown Santa Barbara is a beautiful place to visit. Whether you want to get away from school for a little bit or want to embark on a little adventure on your own or hang out with your friends, it’s definitely a great go-to spot. It’s almost always super beautiful with the warm sun shining down on you and is booked with events from the Farmer’s Market every week to special parades and celebrations year round. Honestly speaking, when is it not bustling and busy with patrons? But have there been any times that you don’t really know where else to visit? We know that there is Lush, Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, movie theaters, McConnells, lululemon, and Urban Outfitters, but have you ever went past those couple of blocks to explore more? Downtown State Street is great because there are big chain stores but something else we love are the small boutiques and little stores that are really unique. So when you run out of places to check out, why not check out these cool stores? 

Plum Goods 

Before coming to Santa Barbara, we didn't really see many small shops like this but this one is definitely very special. Not only do they have pieces from local artists, they have these really cool pieces made with license plates from different states all put together! They have many nice little gifts that you can also buy, but they can get a little pricey depending on what you get. 

Warbler Records 

Have friends that love vinyls and can never get enough of them? This is the perfect record store to visit! They have a super friendly staff with extensive knowledge of everything there. When we have friends visiting from LA, we often bring them here because it's such an interesting atmosphere with an interesting selection of vinyls, hardware, books, and even clothing. And did we mention that the prices are pretty reasonable and a great place for a collector? 

Wootton Printing 

If you are in love with stationery like we are, this is like a mini stationery heaven. Looking for a cheesy card to make your friend burst out in laughter or be so stunned by detail that they drop that "o" face? This store definitely has it! They have a big selection of unique cards and envelopes, books, stamps, bottles, and so much more. The decoration in here is so cute and cozy. We cannot get enough of it!  It's the perfect place to find small gifts or stocking stuffers. We could easily spend thirty minutes in here exploring all the gifts and cards. Can you? 

Game Seeker

Who is still a kid inside? We definitely feel like we are. Walking into this small store is really fun because you can look at all the toys, puzzles, and board games which is a total throwback to being a kid. We had been looking for Monopoly Deal since it used to be super popular and no matter how many Targets or Toys "R" Us stores we went to, we couldn't find it but we found it here! They have a great selection of board games and is a great place to pick up something new to play. The staff is always very warm and welcoming to any questions about anything in the store. 

The Book Den 

Although books are slowly becoming something that we can pull up on electronic devices, some of us still like the feeling of holding a book. If you are looking for new or used books, The Book Den is the perfect little spot to go to. They also carry out of print books, making this book store a must visit! This store may be small but they have a decent selection of books with many different genres. Did you ever watch Beauty and the Beast and remember that scene where Belle is on the ladder and slides across the room while on it? They have a ladder just like that! Amazing right?  It is a cute and cozy place to check out if you love reading. 

Well, what are you waiting for? Time to go explore! 

*We do not own any of these pictures and the rights belong to their rightful owners.