5 Asian Youtube Channels You Should Subscribe To

I grew up in front of the television. Every single day, my grandmother would pick me up from school and my sister and I would go straight to the living room and turn on the TV. Because of this, I knew from a young age that Hollywood did not have a fair reputation for people of color. As I grew a little older, I found out that although Hollywood might not have the greatest role models for the Asian minority, Youtube did. Youtube was an outlet for artists to capture their talents, hobbies, and everyday lives. I love this site because it shows people that I can relate to more closely doing everyday things, not just being the nerd that Hollywood presented them to be. So if you want to see some representation in what you watch, here are my Top 5 favorite Asian Youtubers.

1. itsJudysLife

itsJudysLife is a vlog channel that captures the everyday lives of the Travis family. Judy and Benji Travis have been vlogging daily for years, and I have been watching their family since the beginning of high school. Their three daughters, Miya, Kiera, and Juliana, are the absolute cutest! Judy and Benji also do a lot to give back to their community. Every December, their family dances every single day to raise money for different charities. How sweet is that?

Image via itsjudytime's Instagram


2. Stephanie Soo

Stephanie Soo is a Korean mukbanger that lives in LA. A mukbang is a Korean term for a show on eating. Basically, people record themselves eating massive meals while talking to the camera. I love her channel because she is so funny and has no filter. When I'm sitting alone and I have no one to eat with, I can always pull up one of her videos and it will feel like I am having a meal with a girlfriend.

Image via missmangobutt's Instagram


3. ilikeweylie

Weylie Hoang is a beauty guru who creates a variety of videos about beauty, makeup, and fashion. Although her channel is mainly in English, sometimes she will do a video in Cantonese, her native tongue. Weylie is also known for being very honest and real to her viewers through her Q&A videos and Girl Chat videos.

Image via weylie's Instagram

4. Wong Fu Productions

Although Wong Fu Productions’ mission is to inspire the Asian community through their short films, I think that anyone can relate to their videos. They have many funny skits, but they are most known for their tear-jerking ones. Two of my favorite short films are After Us and Strangers, Again, both about breakups and heartbreaks.

Image via Wong Fu Productions


5. Bubzvlogs

Bubzvlogs follows the lives of the Ng family who live in the UK. Lindy Tsang and Tim Ng have two children, Issac and Ayla, along with their two fluffy dogs. If this isn't the definition of absolute cuteness, I don’t know what is! One of Lindy’s main messages that she wants to spread is for people to be kind to one another. She instills this value in her children through her continuous journey of raising money to build schools in Africa.  

Image via itsbubz's Instagram