5 Argument-Free Topics for the Thanksgiving Family Dinner Table

‘Tis the Thanksgiving season to uncomfortable conversations with your family about your relationship status, future plans, and political views. These are topics that always end in either an argument or unsolicited advice on your life choices. One thing’s for sure, these topics will leave you feeling uncomfortable and make you wish you didn’t come in the first place. Are there any neutral topics that will keep you safe from this state of discomfort— look no further! Here are six argument-proof topics to get the conversation going while keeping your sanity intact.  


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Animals are the way to a human’s heart. They are cute, playful, and loving. Dogs come in all different sizes along in different colors and temperaments. There is a dog for everyone! The dog people love the most are their own. Dig into your photo gallery and show off your pet! This will get a conversation going while everyone shows off their dog. The thing is, everyone thinks that their dog is the cutest and they are all right. It doesn’t need to be limited to dogs, you can show off your cats as well! Don’t let the conversation stray into which is the best breed because that could result in conflict. Keep the conversation surface level with photos, videos, and stories. Most people agree that animals are great so if you do run into someone who disagrees— their opinion isn’t valid.  

Retell Old Stories

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You can’t go wrong recalling old memories with the fam around the holidays. By retelling old stories, each family member there could give their perspective. It could unveil elements of a story that you didn't know prior. Though your uncle may hijack the conversation and talk about himself, it will make the time pass faster. These memories are something that you all were there for and could reflect on. As each year passes, you change and so does the family. So it is interesting to talk about Thanksgivings in the past. One day, you could find yourself talking about this very Thanksgiving and how you were avoiding topics such as politics. It will be sure to elicit a laugh from the family because they could have been doing the same exact thing. 


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Everyone watches Youtube in today’s day and age. Many adults are now just discovering Youtube. Youtube is a big place with many different kinds of videos. It would be interesting to talk about the channels you watch and even pull up some for your family to enjoy. Be warned, if you do put a video up you’re allowing all the other members the same opportunity. So you may find yourself watching WWII history videos or slime videos for the next hour. A fun Youtube trend to follow with your family members are Mandela Effect conspiracy videos. It will lead to some fun debate and you may even blow some of their minds. Berenstein or Berenstain Bears? That’s up for you and your family to discuss. You may learn something new! 


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Memes are another way into someone’s heart. If your family members are solely Facebook users, you can show them some fairly recent memes that will make them laugh. It’s likely these memes have not circulated through Facebook yet and probably won’t for a few months. Educate them on some vines— rest in peace to that beautiful app. One meme, in particular, that would interesting to share is the old red carpet picture of Miley Cyrus. It is utterly ridiculous, but at the same time, you can't stop yourself from cracking a smile. Don’t get too edgy or political. Twitter is the vault that holds the best memes out there. You will have to suffer through a few “who is that?” and you will respond with  “it’s just someone on Twitter”. Your uncle may try to share some textbox memes so you’ll need to perfect your fake laugh for Thanksgiving dinner. 

The Food You’re Eating 

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It’s right there in front you— talk about it. Thanksgiving food is something that many look forward to all year. Now is the time to celebrate it! Go around and ask what everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving food is and why. You could also ask the chefs how they prepared it and if it was passed down from their family. There’s a possibility you could be eating a dish that has been passed down for generations. Everyone has an opinion on Thanksgiving food, so dinner would be the perfect time to voice it. It is also a great time to appreciate the dinner you’re having. A dinner in this proportion is not possible for everyone. It is a privilege we take for granted too often. This Thanksgiving, be thankful for the people in your life. Remember to recognize all the gifts in your life too.