4 TED Talks Women in College Need to Hear

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the craziness of the college life that we tend to forget a lot of things when it comes to valuing yourself. It is very easy to put ourselves to shame about making mistakes. It is very easy to stray away from what your heart truly desires in order to be what society defines as practical, which can drain one’s personal drive. Well, all 4 of these TED Talks are truly inspiring and remind us that we are valuable, an idea that we all need to be reminded of every once in a while. 

"How to Find Work you Love" by Scott Dinsmore 

College is definitely the time where everyone starts questioning their jobs, careers and the future. It is a scary thing. Especially when trying to find that balance between doing what you truly love and are passionate about versus what is practical and can pay the bills. It is clear that we do not get reminded of the idea that both is completely possible as often as we should. Check out this TED Talk and hear Scott Dinsmore’s story and inspiring words.


“Success, Failure and the Drive to Keep Creating” by Elizabeth Gilbert

We all know the idea of failure is not easy to bounce back from. Especially in college, time is going by so fast, it feels like there is no time for failure or bouncing back and learning from it. Well that is definitely not true. This TED Talk by Elizabeth Gilbert reminds you that it is okay to take risks and possibly fail and make mistakes. She tells her story and gives inspirational words in regards to the idea of success and failure and how to bounce back no matter what the outcome.


“Listening to Shame” by Brene Brown

The idea of vulnerability is a terrifying and nerve-racking concept. The nervous energy that comes from vulnerability leads many of us to feel shame, am I right? Brene Brown expresses the importance of vunerability as a way to take risks and bring out a side of you that you probably did not know existed. She expresses words in this TED Talk that helps us think about ways to silence the shame and embrace the vulnerability and all that it brings to us, because for the most part, you will be pleasently surprised. 


 “Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model” by Cameron Russel

This is a powerful TED Talk by Cameron Russel that expresses issues with body image and its superficial importance in society. Naturally, women pay more attention to their own body image and judge themselves and others upon this idea. Well, Russel magnifies the issues of body image and physical appearance in women by telling her personal story of being a model, an occupation surrounded by the idea of a “perfect” body image. She picks apart the idea of appearance in society today and really reminds you how unimportant it is to judge and value yourself and others based on that idea. This TED Talk reminds you how much more valuable you are beyond physical appearance.