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Finals week has always been a hard time for college students. Especially those who drink several cups of coffee a day and feel attached to following their schedule and completing assignments on time. However, thinking about this overwhelming period from a positive perspective, the finals and essays you’ve completed in the past, have brought you new challenges and improved you a lot.

No matter how your finals go, you have already learned lots of new knowledge throughout the quarter and have become a better self. You should pay more attention to what you learned, instead of what grades you will get. In this way, you may feel less anxious about finals, which in return will place you in a better chance to get good grades.  

Here are some useful tips to alleviate your anxiety and worries and to treat yourself during finals. 

  1. Minimize “Stress Bragging”

When we’re surrounded by others doing the same thing as us, our natural instinct is to compare. Thus, when someone around you says that they pulled an all-nighter studying, or they haven’t eaten anything all day during finals week, know that that’s exactly the problem. By bragging about how unwell they are during finals, they set the expectation that not taking care of themselves is a prerequisite to being successful during finals. However, glorifying stress is not a good thing, and it certainly doesn’t mark them as better students. Thus, don’t listen to others’ “bragging” but focus on your own studies and practice basic self-care, such as giving yourself proper nutrition and getting good sleep. 

  1. Don’t forget about “Me Time!”

Sometimes you get to a point where you just can’t study anymore, so why force it when you know it’s not going to be productive? If you take a short break and then go back to studying, you will feel refreshed and study more efficiently. You can do anything you enjoy during the break, such as watching a streaming show, listening to music, talking with a friend, or going for a walk outside every day for 20 minutes. Just remember the time you take a break couldn’t exceed the time you study! 

  1. Remember that this is temporary

Your grades are not a reflection of your value or self-worth. Also, how you do on your exams won’t determine the rest of your life. Things might feel difficult right now, but you will get through it. The stress you feel may be overwhelming, but it is temporary and it will pass. If you need help, don’t be afraid to reach out. Your friends, classmates, and professors want to help you succeed. Remember, after the finals, vacation is coming!

Hope these tips are helpful and good luck on finals!

Hi, I am a third-year Communication major student and a double minor in Education Studies and Professional Writing.
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