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Why I Don’t Feel Pressured To Go On A Senior Spring Break Trip

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Going into my last spring break in college has honestly been really anticlimactic. I don’t have the drive to do anything, plan anything, go anywhere — nothing. To be honest, I don’t even feel weird about it. This spring break, I’m going home to spend time with my family while I can. Why, you ask? Because as a senior, the real world is coming.

When I say the real world is coming, I really mean it. A big part of being a senior is that looming feeling of knowing that the future is full of a typical 9am-5pm job where suddenly everything is a lot more expensive than you ever thought possible. The thought of it is literally making me sick. And while the future is looming, I have to start planning ahead. Personally, to get where I want to be, I need to start saving so I won’t have to compromise my fun as a real adult. This year, spring break was one of those expenses I just had to say no to.

Aside from the price, I also really wanted to see my family. Another part of entering the big world is being on your own. As exciting as that sounds, I know I am going to miss my parents.

So when the time to start planning a spring break trip rolled around, I always had my family in the back of my mind. The final decision of choosing between another tropical vacation in Mexico that I probably won’t be able to fully remember, and spending time with my parents before I am fully on my own was difficult — but there were appeals to each.

I am fortunate enough to only live two and a half hours away from my hometown, meaning that I often visit multiple times a quarter to get my fix. Since it’s my senior year, I’ve been prioritizing spending time in Isla Vista to really soak it all in for the last time. Isla Vista truly has a piece of my heart, but I miss my family dearly.

And sure, yes, I see the sparkly appeal of spring break. I’ve done it before. The quintessential college spring break in Mexico is honestly as awesome as it sounds. I remember my sophomore year taking the famous journey down to Cabo San Lucas and loving every second of it. Whether it be El Squid Roe, Mango Deck, or the magic of an all inclusive resort, it really is one of the most special places out there to spend a rowdy week with your friends. Let me be honest, it’s more like your friends and the entire rest of UCSB, too.

College spring break is referred to like it’s a rite of passage, and to some, it really is. Having done it and loved it, there’s a slight pang in my heart when I see people I know on incredible-looking trips. But, I know deep down that I’m past it.

While senior year is a time to experience all of your “lasts,” it is also a time to prioritize the things close to your heart and the things you know you’ll miss most. As I watch myself growing up before my own eyes, I am slowly becoming more comfortable with being okay with really picking and choosing. Instead of a last college spring break, I am taking the time to take care of my heart and set myself up to be able to take myself back to Cabo whenever I please. If all goes to plan, crossing my fingers that’s soon!

Hi there! I am from Newport Beach California and am a fourth year communications major here at UCSB. I love going for walks and runs around Isla Vista, going to the beach with friends, and going on spontaneous adventures. I am so excited to be able to contribute to the amazing writing platform that is Her Campus.