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13 Thoughts We All Have While Signing Up for Classes

Pass times are already posted on Gold?! This quarter just started!

Please please please don't let my pass time be during one of my classes.

It's not? Yay!

It is? Well I'll just be sneaky and register anyway.

Which classes do I even need to take next quarter?

When the class you really need is only offered at 8 am.

I must make 3 schedules just in case one doesn''t work out!

*Tab opened to Gold, staring at clock waiting for pass time*

It's time! Go go go!

When the class you wanted/needed is full...

Okay well at least I get to take one class with a friend.

When you have a terrible schedule.

When you have the perfect schedule.

Amber is a 4th year English major from Long Beach, CA. Some of her favorite pastimes include watching sunsets, eating burritos, and enjoying a good book outside on sunny days. She was bitten by the travel bug while spending a semester abroad in Australia and wants to explore the world! She hopes to land a career that allows her to do two of the things she loves the most- travel and write. Catch up with her on Instagram at @amber_bamm.
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