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10 Ways Your 20s Is Like Second Puberty

1. It’s a confusing time in your life.

The confusing nature of adulthood can feel so reminiscent of the confusing years of puberty. Figuring yourself out, making friends, and staying confident are all struggles that teens and young adults alike can relate to.

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2. Your brain changes.

Your brain continues to develop even after puberty through the prefrontal cortex. It’s responsible for logical thinking, decision making, personality development, and complex planning, and reaches full development in your mid-20s.


3. Adult acne is a thing.

While you might’ve been lucky enough to have avoided teen acne, you might not be as lucky with adult acne as your body undergoes hormonal changes as you enter your 20s.

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4. Your periods get better . . . or worse.

The good news is that hormones finally start to regulate, meaning menstrual cycles regulate. However, gynecologists are now saying that your 20s might be the time when your cramps really start to go into overdrive as well.


5. Your body’s tolerance for certain things change.

The greasy fast foods you once loved make you sick, and the sugary frappuccinos you used to inhale give you the jitters. As your body changes, you may notice your tolerance to certain foods also changes.

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6. Your weight fluctuates.

Some people will notice their metabolism slowing down, while others finally lose their baby fat. Lifestyle changes that are bound to happen as you enter adulthood have a huge effect on your weight as well.


7. Your body curves out.

Women often find fat distributing more into the hip, thigh, and bust areas more than ever before, making the body have a curvier appearance.

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8. You’re stronger than ever.

Teens often feel invincible, having the young energy that adults often lack, but it’s actually in your 20s when your bone density and muscle strength are at their highest.


9. Sex is on your mind.

Your sex drive is incredibly high in your 20s. It’s no surprise that this is the age range in which people have the most sex.

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10. Relationships are on your mind.

As you people go deeper into your 20s, dating often becomes more serious, and the desire to settle down increases.


Sally is a fourth year communication student at UCSB. Her favorite things to do include traveling, eating, and binge watching YouTube videos. In her ideal future, she is either a research professor or market analyst for a digital entertainment company and living in her hometown of LA with a hypoallergenic cat.
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