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10 Signs You’re Utterly Obsessed with Books

Maybe it's the aesthetic of flipping pages, maybe it's the sheer variety of tales available, or maybe it's the burning need to escape from real life and dive into fantasy. But whatever drives you to read, chances are, if you read a lot more than what's normally considered "healthy", then you probably show some pretty obvious signs.

If you match at least half of the items on this list, then you're probably a complete and total bookworm. If you match all of the items here, then there's a 99.99% chance you're an English major, because your obsession is off the charts.

1. You actually keep the books from some of your classes

Resell? Loan?! That's blasphemy, or at least when your textbooks are so interesting! This goes double for the classes where they actually assign you several small books instead of one big textbook.

2. You have multiple stacks of books that are always growing

Thrift stores. Subscription boxes. Yard sales. Giveaways. Barnes & Noble. Used online book depositories! There are so many ways to get new books that you just have several ever-growing stacks of books.  You'll get around to reading them all one day. But for now, they're growing a lot faster than you can read.

3. You always get Hermione on the "Which HP character are you" quizzes

Sure, maybe some of those quizzes are just a little too predictable, but even so, you just about never get Ginny or Harry or any other character from that silly little series. Just. Hermione. Same goes for Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series, Belle from the Disney Princess franchise, and so on.

4. You have multiple Goodreads pages bookmarked on your browser

With so many books in the world, how else are you going to keep track of them all and decide what's a good read?

5. You don't even bother joining book clubs anymore

After many of years of trying, you've now become resigned to the fact that most book clubs either don't last or don't actually involve reading. Smh.

6. You've shown symptoms since you were a child

Maybe you were that kid who spent their recesses in the library instead of outside. Maybe you got in trouble during seventh grade English class for reading (not that we're pointing any fingers here). Either way, chances are you were called a bookworm at some point in your life.

7. Instead of a wishlist of gifts you want or things to buy, you just keep a TBR

It just seems a little silly to keep a list of items you want to buy when they're all books on your To Be Read list.

8. Your favorite Disney princess was Belle growing up

Forget the Beast, forget the castle, even forget the awesome servants-turned-furniture. The library in that movie was the real MVP.

9. People at the library know who you are

Some people frequent bars. Others frequent their local niche grocery store. But for you, it's the library (or if you're really loaded, the bookstore).

10. Basically, you'd rather read a book than real life 99.9989% of the time

Because, really, who needs to stress about real life when you've got an adventure (or two, or a hundred) waiting for you?

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Tamara is a Communication major at University of Califonia, Santa Barbara. Having grown up in the Mojave desert, Tamara can't get enough of the dream weather and natural beauty of Santa Barbara. When not studying or working on her novel, she spends her free time listening to music, crafting, exploring the world around her, and settling into a corner with a good book.
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