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10 Reasons You Can’t Get Enough of Hilary Duff

From her cool butterfly clips, to the time she really needed to buy a bra, to her love for Ethan Craft, Hilary Duff never dissapointed all of us 90’s girls growing up.  Here are 10 reasons why we loved, still love, and will continue to love Hilary Duff.


1. Lizzie McGuire – duh.

You can’t deny that you secretly die a little inside whenever you see a re-run of Lizzie McGuire on TV or that you sing “this is what dreaaaaaams are made of” in the shower. It’s ok, we won’t tell. 

2. Her music was actually great.

Unlike most Disney stars whose music careers were a no-go, Hilary’s was legitimately all the rage in elementary school. Anyone remember So Yesterday? Come Clean? Wake Up? Beat of My Heart? Our Lips Are Sealed? Sweet Sixteen? Why Not? What Dreams Are Made Of? Don’t even try to deny knowing any of these songs because we know you’re lying.

3. She’s a cool mom.

She’s always posting such cute Instagram pictures of her spending quality time with her son Luca, and that just melts our hearts.

4. She’s fit & healthy.

Hilary’s all about that healthy life. We don’t know how she finds the willpower to stay so consistent, but whatever it is, we’re jealous.

5. She didn’t go crazy.

She needs to write a book about how she stayed sane through it all. Some celebs *cough cough* Lindsay, could take a tip or two from Hilary.

6. She’s freakin’ beautiful without makeup.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

7. Her divorce is probably the friendliest divorce ever.

Can we just take a moment to recognize that she didn’t have a messy, dirty, and scandalous divorce like most celebs?! She actually still wished her ex-husband a Happy Father’s Day and hung out with him and their son, Luca, for the day.

8. She’s BFF’s with her sister.

Hilary and her sister Haylie have always been a dynamic duo and eachother’s #1 fan. Stop it, so cute.

9. Her Instagram is full of good vibes.

No matter what, she is always keeping it classy and positive. Can we be besties with her, please?

10. She’s making a comeback and we love it.

Have you seen the music video to her latest single, Chasing the Sun? It’s so boho-chic and bubbly. She needs to finish her album and release it ASAP so we can fall in love with her all over again. 

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