10 Real #RelationshipGoals That You Actually Want


#Relationshipgoals is a huge internet phenomenon, consisting of anything that a power couple would do: your significant other’s hand on your thigh while you’re driving, bringing you coffee in the morning, matching tee shirts, traveling and long, nearly awkward declarations of love. However cute those things may be, they are not necessarily important aspects of a real relationship, outside of Instagram. So here are a few relationship goals you might actually want… and some cute gifs from your favorite tv couples!

1. Being with someone that constantly makes you laugh.


When you can sit around and laugh with them, even if no one else thinks you guys are that funny.

2. Loving your significant other even when they get a bad haircut.


We’ve all been there. Your new beau is a gorgeous human being and then they get ~the cut~. Suddenly they don’t even look like themselves or may not be nearly as hot but hey, you love them anyway.

3. Showing appreciation for each other...every day.


It’s so easy to take your partner’s actions for granted, especially after they have been there for months. But a little “thank you” can make them feel appreciated and bring more positivity into your relationship.

4. Having someone that is always on your team.



You guys have awesome inside jokes, kick ass at charades, have your own goofy language, give great advice to your single friends and always have someone standing in your corner.

5. Your significant other being able to tell you that you have something in your teeth.


For better and for worse… and for that salad that’s stuck in your teeth.

6. Being with someone that keeps you young.


You may still be young, but you probably aren’t sneaking around, talking late in the backseat of cars, making out in movie theaters and getting butterflies whenever you see them. But, why does that have to stop?

7. Communicating.



You’ve heard it all before, communication is key, same old same old. And communicating without words? Even better. Shooting your partner the dreaded “Save me!” look during an awkward dinner party can save a life.

8. Making fun of each other.


And you guys are hilarious.

9. Being with someone who loves you the way you are and doesn’t want to change you.


No one understands your flaws better than your partner, as they experience them the most often. Being with someone who accepts these flaws can remind you that you are a loveable person, not ever a burden.

10. Following through.


A relationship may not be all grand gestures, gifts and cuddling and it may not even be easy or happy all the time. No one is perfect, including your partner... including you. However, a real relationship goal is someone that follows through and is there when you need them, even if it’s just to hold you and say, “Wow, that sucks.”

We could end this article with a sappy #relationshipgoals love quote but we'll leave you with this: The world sucks sometimes. Find someone who makes it suck a little less.