10 Healthy Eating Habits For The Busy (or Lazy) College Student

The notorious all-you-can-eat dining commons, late-night snacks, and free pizza are probably very familiar memories for most college students.

Not to mention campus life is super hectic and stressful, but that doesn't mean you can’t eat healthy in college. As a matter of fact, college is a great time to start eating and living healthier if you don’t already.

Here are a few pointers and advice I found to be especially helpful for me.


1.    Eating healthfully does not have to mean dieting.

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And just because you’re eating less doesn’t necessarily mean you’re eating healthily. Restrictive dieting and stripping important vitamins and nutrients from your diet for the sake of calories isn’t too great for your body either. Instead, try adding color with fruits and vegetables to your meals so you’re getting a variety of essential nutrients!


2.    Shift your focus from restricting “bad” foods to adding whole nutritious foods.

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Instead of thinking about what you shouldn’t eat, think about what you should eat. There’s so much to choose from and you can have fun with all the different choices out there!


3.    Choose healthy foods that you actually love to eat.

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You should be able to enjoy the food that you put into your body. By figuring out what kinds of healthy foods you like and how to make meals out of them, eating healthy becomes much more exciting and so much easier.


4.    Protein is key!

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Consciously adding protein into every meal or snack throughout the day allows you to stay satisfied and satiated for longer periods of time.


5.    Fill your plate with your favorite salad or veggies first.

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If you’re in the dining commons, check out the salad section! If you’re grocery shopping, pick some veggies that you enjoy eating. Some of my favs are salads with a balsamic vinegarette or even a just some raw veggies to go along side a protein and grain. 


6.    Portion control!

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A great trick to use as a portion detector is the size of your fist. You can use it to help guide your dining hall scoops for everything on the food pyramid such as proteins, whole grains, fruits, and fats.


7.    Get creative.

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Dining commons and cooking the same old things can get boring. Instead, think of the dining commons (or cooking) as a game. What’s the most creative meal you can make based on the daily selection? Or at the grocery store? You’d be surprised by what you can come up with. I like to look up fun and quick recipes on Pinterest for inspiration as well!


8.    Remember that moderation is key.

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Too much of anything can be a bad thing. So understand your limits and listen to your body. You control what you eat, so be kind to your body!


9.    Treat Yourself!!!

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There is always a time to treat yourself! You are a hardworking college student who find themselves constantly in the temptations of life. So always remember that we all need something a little naughty to eat every now and then; it is all about balance!


10.     Don’t beat yourself up if you slip.

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Sometimes life happens, and that’s totally fine. We’re only human after all! The best thing to do is try again and keep at it despite the little slips that most of us probably encounter.

I hope that some of these tips and tricks can help you find your way towards a healthier lifestyle. And remember that it will take time and effort and it won't be easy, but I know that if I could get there, anyone can!