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You’re Already Falling Behind? Welcome to the Quarter System

           So, it’s Week 1 and you’re already playing catch up in your classes. You thought this quarter would be the time to prove to yourself that you are a diligent, non-procrastinating student. For crying out loud, you got into UCLA, and they don’t let lazy people into this school. Now you’re playing the justification game with yourself and thinking, I’ve just been busy applying to new activities, or, I’m trying to see my friends after a long summer away! Still, here you are looking at the syllabus thinking that your professors must believe that you are only enrolled in their class considering the amount of reading they gave you. And now, you’re behind. Welcome to the quarter system, friends!

            First thing is first: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I can count on one hand how many people I know that are actually on track with their classes, so don’t get too down on yourself. The bad news is, it’s only the first week and you’re behind. The good news is, you have A LOT of time to make up for it. Her Campus is here to give you tips on how to play catch up and stay on track!

            The first step is to breathe. But actually. Breathing is such an underrated step of this process, SO DO IT OKAY?! Alright, now that you’re relaxed (sorry for screaming at you) it’s time to do one of the greatest things in the world: make a to-do list. I don’t care if you hate to-do lists or if you categorize yours by class, activity, work, and then you color-code it. You need this list. Personally, I’m a huge fan of making your lists beautiful and organized because it makes them easier to follow, but you do you. If you have your list of what needs doing, that unfortunately won’t be enough. The most effective way to use this list is to give yourself a deadline for each item to avoid procrastination. Typically it’s best to stay on the safe side and make yourself finish an assignment a day in advance to give yourself some wiggle room.


To clarify, this shouldn’t be your actual list!

            Now that you’ve got your list and deadlines, it’s time to start to work. For those extra-important items on your list, it’s always useful to lock your phone away before you start. That way you aren’t even tempted to check if your crush texted you back yet or check your Insta likes-per-minute ratio. Added bonus: when you do check your phone, you feel extra special with all those updates.

            Finally, don’t forget to reward yourself and schedule time for breaks! This is the second most underrated part of staying on top of your stuff. You get to eat some Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Cups while taking the Buzzfeed quiz to FINALLY find out which “Friends” character is your soulmate! And if yours is Joey like mine, at the end of a long day you can indulge in a “Joey Special” and get yourself two pizzas.  


Julie is a second-year undergraduate student at UCLA. Her passions include tennis, (watching) ice hockey, eating far too many delicious foods, dancing around like an idiot with her friends, and being overly sassy. She aspires to work in pretty much any realm of sports.
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