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From birth control to discharge to menstruation to vaginismus and more, there is no medical topic too taboo for social media sensation Mama Doctor Jones. An OBGYN and mom to four small children, Mama Doctor Jones (known by fans as MDJ), has taken YouTube and TikTok by storm with her fun and destigmatizing videos. She’s amassed over 92 million Youtube views and more than 1 million subscribers on each platform within the past two years, and she’s worth every bit of the hype.

I stumbled upon MDJ’s channel last year when YouTube’s ever bewildering algorithm began suggesting her content to me. Amid the sea of questionable medical advice I constantly come across on my socials, I was immediately drawn to her no-clickbait, factually supported approach to content creation. Rather than advertising sketchy DIY hacks and promoting medical fear-mongering, MDJ videos come with peer-reviewed citations and her knowledge as a practicing, board-certified doctor. Throughout the pandemic, watching her channel has become a really helpful way for me to learn about the gynecological topics that I’ve always been curious about, but my high school sex ed class failed to cover. If you’ve also struggled to find clear, accurate and shame-free info about your reproductive system, I can’t recommend MDJ’s videos enough.

While I love MDJ’s funnier content (run, don’t walk, to binge-watch her series reacting to I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant), it’s her informational listicle-style videos that keep me coming back for more. An example of one of my favorites is “Sustainable Period Products: Gynecologist Explains Safe Alternative Menstrual Options.” I feel that this video perfectly exemplifies how she handles unique topics that are relevant to college-aged people with vaginas. In this video, MDJ provides in-depth descriptions of the pros and cons that come with lots of lesser-known menstrual products like reusable tampon applicators, period panties and menstrual discs. Even as someone who was lucky enough to have reasonably comprehensive health education at school, these are all options that I had never heard about from an expert before watching her video. Moreover, I really appreciate how she offers all of the info about the products with the goal of empowering her viewers through knowledge, instead of trying to convince anyone which product is right for them. Since it came out a few months ago, I’ve shared this video with some of my friends, and we’ve all agreed that it’s packed with facts we wish we’d known sooner.

I’ve also been enjoying her recent emphasis on short-form content on TikTok and through YouTube Shorts. Want to know how IUDs are put into the uterus? What about Nuvaring, how does that form of birth control work? All of these quick questions you might have about reproductive health are answered on her accounts. It’s amazing that this type of info is free and in an easily digestible online format, so take advantage of it! Also, I know that my pre-med friends love MDJ’s content around her experience as a woman in the medical field. If you’re interested in pursuing gynecology, or just want to know more about the day-to-day realities of working as a doctor, you will find many lots of her vlog-type videos helpful. Even as an English major with no STEM inclinations, I often find myself fascinated by her sneak peeks into her profession. 

So if this viral sensation hasn’t already popped up on your For You Page, definitely take the time to check her out. I promise that you’ll learn something new and exciting about either your body or gender dynamics in the medical field. Personally, I’m excited to keep closely following her content and see which topics she covers next. There is so much shame and ignorance surrounding reproductive health, MDJ, with her honesty and advocacy, is truly a breath of fresh air.

Kate is a San Francisco native and second-year English major at UCLA. When she's not writing articles for Her Campus at UCLA, she enjoys getting lost in a good book and experimenting with vegan recipes.
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