Why Technology Is Enabling Our Makeup Addictions

As college students, we survive on student-sized budgets. While in the past this has meant drugstore makeup and shopping the sales, the advances of technology have made is easier for us to keep up with the trends. 

As technology advances, the market is seeing more and more dupes for today’s hottest products, closer matches and formulas and thousands of online reviews.  The biggest struggle is figuring out which dupe is closest to that coveted $50 makeup product. While it can be a little tedious to search through so many products with so many reviews and different dupes all available online, it has become much easier to figure out which products are the best with the advance of social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

If you are new to experimenting with makeup, YouTube is a great way to figure out cheap makeup looks and find brands that work for you! When you watch reviews of different products by more makeup-experienced people, it makes it easier to figure out which products you would like to try. You can also watch comparison videos on YouTube to help narrow down what you are looking for.  

So many YouTubers post videos comparing high-end products with drugstore priced dupes that work almost as well! If you are looking to try a trendy, higher priced product like Fenty Beauty Bronzer or Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser, you can search dupes online and watch comparison videos. For example, you can find videos that deem some dupes better than the high end products they were made to emulate. So, you may figure out that you like the Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer and the Bliss Makeup Melt instead.  

For every makeup product you can imagine, there are videos out there to compare cheap drugstore options with the pricey, high-end choices. Just search for the name of the high-end product, and there will be someone out there who has found a cheaper choice for you to try.

The advance of technology has also created the rise of apps like Brandefy and Influenster that allow us to make beauty comparisons between different choices with real reviews that can help you decide whether or not it is worth it to pay the higher price for the trendy new product.  

Brandefy takes it one step further and also allows you to see favorite products from beauty influencers and cruelty-free choices. This app allows you to filter what you are specifically looking for in a product and make the best decision for you. Both Brandefy and Influenster allow you to review products and help you discover the next best thing.

No matter how you search through the thousands of beauty options out there today, technology has made it significantly easier to compare expensive makeup trends with their cheaper drugstore dupes. Being able to shop for makeup on a budget has only furthered all of our makeup addictions. Why wouldn’t we want to spend a little less on a lot more makeup?