Why "Next In Fashion" Should Be Next In Your Queue

Netflix releases a lot of shows that can be hit or miss. Recently, they released a show with the likeness of Project Runway called Next in Fashion, with hosts Alexa Chung and Tan France. If you are remotely interested in fashion or live for couture, this is the show to watch. The show starts with 18 amazing designers who are given a theme each episode. At the very end, only two designers remain and they must create 10 looks each as they compete for the winning prize of $250,000. 

At first, I was hesitant to watch the show because I did not think we needed another Project Runway. However, the show turned out to be quite different. The first aspect I noticed was how talented the designers are. Yes, Project Runway had talented designers, but I often felt that there was a mix of great designers along with mediocre ones. In Next in Fashion, all of the designers are insanely talented. They truly are competing with the best of the best. When I used to watch Project Runway, I was able to guess which designer would be eliminated each episode, but with Next in Fashion, every designer kept me on my toes. 

Netflix symbol on TV with a hand holding a remote

Another aspect I noticed was that for most of the show the designers work in pairs. In Project Runway, pairs challenges were usually special episodes, but Next in Fashion seems to have embraced the concept. Because designers work in pairs, a lot more is expected of them. They are able to deliver more, but sometimes ideas clash which makes the process of creating a final look more interesting.

I really appreciate that the show provides any and all materials possible for designers. What I did not like about Project Runway was that designers were only given a certain amount of money to buy fabrics, while in Next in Fashion, designers are provided with everything. I find that this allows them to create more beautiful designs because if they do not like their fabric they can easily get more instead of being forced to work with something they do not like. They are also provided with a machine that allows them to create their own prints, which allows their designs to be even more creative. I appreciate how much the show helps the designers out while still making their tasks challenging. 

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Most people love drama, but I do not. I find that drama in reality television is too cliche and expected. It is for views. But, if I am watching a fashion television show, it is because I want to see fashion. All of the designers in Next in Fashion surprisingly got along, so there was no drama. They would often help each other out, which I appreciated because it showed people lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down. Yes, it is a competition, but being rude and mean is completely unnecessary. 

Overall, the show is fun. It is great to watch and actually interesting, and it is a fresh take on what Project Runway once was. There are only 10 episodes each running around 45 minutes, so it is great to watch while on a break at work or a break from studying. Plus, like everything else on Netflix, it is super binge worthy. This show displays true creativity instead of just bait.