Why Lady Gaga Has Been My Everything Since 2008

Following the success of A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga has entered her true revival to fame and entertainment. She's no longer known for her crazy costumes, such as the iconic meat dress, but for her iconic appearance in a film that moved people with its songs and heartfelt story. But what about before 2018? Who was Lady Gaga then? She did not have this kind of following before– her fan base was primarily created for her hyper-crazy and unique image. Now, that following is joined by all the people that fell blind to her talent then and admire it now. In 2008, she was my everything, and she still is. Her first album, The Fame, was released in 2008. This also happened to be the year I got an iPod Touch...a device that plays music AND lets you download apps. It was the coolest thing ever for a little girl like myself, 11 years ago. And I remember the first thing I did was download Lady Gaga's album. I was listening to it nonstop. I memorized all the lyrics to "Poker Face." Uploaded a Youtube cover to "Paparazzi." I even wrote a parody to "Brown Eyes." And made "Just Dance" my alarm...yikes. 

My parents were definitely concerned, though. Seeing their 8-year-old daughter obsessed with Lady Gaga, scandalous shows and all, drew them to suspicion... But I turned out okay. To me, Lady Gaga was someone of utter talent and individuality. Her voice always resonated with me more than any artist, ever. More than Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, the faces of Disney who most kids would fall in love with at the time. Somehow, I went the Gaga way. I remember even printing out photos of her album covers and signing them myself, and when friends would come to my room, they'd ask if I got her autograph on multiple occasions. I'd say no, that I wrote them, and they thought I was really weird. Lady Gaga still continues to amaze me with all of her award show appearances, brilliant outfits and moving song lyrics. I am constantly mesmerized by Mother Monster. 

I remember downloading the music video to "Bad Romance" and watching it nonstop, eventually learning it on piano. I was so excited to play music made by the woman I admired most in the industry. At age 13, I began to sing to "Born This Way" and also learned how to play it on the piano. I eventually performed the piece at my Bat Mitzvah. 

Lady Gaga has always been her authentic self. She never conformed to the industry. People would trash talk, they would question her. I would sit at school listening to her music and people would make fun of me. "You listen to Lady Gaga? Haha." Yeah, I listened to Lady Gaga, and now you do too. Her Sound of Music performance at the 2015 Oscars struck me like no other. The Sound of Music was the movie I grew up singing and listening to as a toddler, and seeing Lady Gaga perform it live just really hit home. My entire youth was encaptured by a single performance.

Lady Gaga is a true inspiration. I am so lucky to be able to say that I watched her grow, both musically and as a woman through the years. I have always been a Little Monster. Lady Gaga, thank you for being you and for never stopping. I love you! Congratulations on winning the Academy Award for Best Original Song. Your success is well-earned and you truly deserve all the best this world has to offer.