Why I Still Believe In Santa Claus & What He Really Means To Me

When you think of someone believing in Santa Claus, you tend to think of a child who still believes everything that his or her parents say, even if it defies logic. For this reason, people view the idea of believing in Santa Claus as a childish fantasy someone eventually grows out of. Basically, Santa Claus is for kids. However, believing in Santa Claus is more than just believing in the make-believe, it is more than just a man in a big red suit who is able to travel the world in one night without being seen, delivering presents to all the children. Believing in Santa Claus means something so much bigger. So, let me tell you why I still believe in Santa Claus:

Santa is a classic icon frozen in time. His existence is unaffected by the changes and tragedies of the everyday world. When we see Santa, he is an old man. He is never young, he never went through stages and he never ages. He is perpetually old, despite the passing of time. He is a consistent factor of stability and warmth. He acts as a wise protector, old and welcoming. When all is changing in the world, he remains consistent and confident.

He is always smiling. His character never seems to be affected by any tragedies or uncertain changes that are bound to occur with time and among so many differing people. We never place Santa in the context of any of these things, despite how affected we are by these circumstances. Santa acts as an escape. He allows us to breath. He takes us to a place, though only temporary, where we are unaffected by the troubles of the outside world. When we look at him, we smile and think of a simpler time. He is not just a symbol of nostalgia, he is a breath of fresh air when everything else seems to be pushing you under.

Santa Claus is magic. Though this is one factor that makes his existence so “childish,” it is also the part of him that we need the most. So many of the things he does and represents is illogical and impossible, but it is also imaginative and fun. When I think of Santa flying on a sleigh pulled by reindeer, I smile and my heart is warm. It reminds me of all the other things in my life that are magic even though I can’t see them. I think of the love I have for my family, I think of the unspoken language I have with my dog, I think about how my best friend thought of me when she sent me a present from a world away, and I think of all the other people I will meet in my life, even though I can’t see them. It makes me smile and it makes me happy to imagine a world where only good things exist, even for just a day. 

Santa is a lot of things, and he can be a lot of things for anyone. To me he is consistency, safety, magic, a breath of fresh air and a helpful reminder of all the good there is and all the good there can be. I believe in Santa just like I believe in magic. Even though I can’t see it, I feel it, I am affected by it and I smile because of it.