Why I’m So Excited For Halloween This Year Even Though It’s Not Entirely The Same

Halloween. A day to be unapologetically spooky, let your creativity come to life, and indulge in sweets with no remorse. A day of gathering candy from house to house, celebrating with friends and getting totally-IG-worthy shots to share on your socials. And although this year things are a little different, the beauty of Halloween–dressing up and having a good time– isn’t necessarily going anywhere.

reuseable surgical mask with phrase Photo by Tonik from Unsplash

Often, the larger, more extravagant a celebration, the more fun it’s understood to be. COVID-19 has proven that small gatherings can be just as, or even more fulfilling, as the rather large ones we are used to. So, this year, I can’t wait to gather, safely, with those that are close to me, and get my spook on.

Halloween jack-o-lantern mug filled with candy corn Photo by Sarah Gualtieri from Unsplash

What’s the point of huge parties anyway? Where the majority of faces are unfamiliar? Where social anxiety can plummet through the roof? Why not enjoy these chances we have at only seeing those that we care about, if we are able to?

kids, halloween, wholesome, costume Photo by Ryan Bruce from burst.shopify

With that, I can’t wait for Halloween this year. Sure, it’ll be different, but that doesn’t take away from how great it can be. I get to dress up, with no social pressure. I get to see those that I truly care about (of course, socially distant). I get to enjoy a relaxed Halloween. And I can’t wait.