Why I Can’t Swipe Right On The Concept of Dating Apps

Over the years, I have been known to complain about being single. Every time I do, my friends say to me, “Just go on a dating app.”  And every time I respond with, “That's just not for me!”. I honestly just can’t get down with dating apps. They just seem to be taking away the natural part of finding people.

Dating apps have been taking over modern dating. You can always catch someone swiping through Tinder, Bumble or checking Hinge on their phone. It feels almost mindless going through the apps either making brash decisions on pictures and small descriptors. I understand maybe that is how dating feels like in the modern world as well, since we make choices based on looks and small amounts of information of a person.

I just think it becomes all too artificial in a digital setting. It is hard to get to know someone through images on a screen and a not-so-clever bio. In real life, you can get a better understanding of who someone truly is. The vibe of a person is not really something which can be translated through an app. Messaging can’t really provide an understanding of a person’s personality. People don’t usually act the way they text. For example, I know myself to either text like a dad or to write a message more similar to a letter in a Jane Austen novel. There is no in-between! I am not like either in real life. I am just bad at texting.

Also, most of these apps just feel like a quick way to hook up and I personally am not down for that. Even apps like Hinge, which are supposed to be more about dating romantically, has become hookup-oriented.

I know it's cheesy, but I do find that dating apps take away the magic that comes with falling in love. When you are on a dating app, you usually stay with a certain type of person you think you like. However, in real life, things can be a lot more unpredictable when it comes to attraction. You never know who is going to catch your fancy and who is going to try to pursue you romantically. I know it is harder to find people in real life because of how busy life can get. I would just rather risk taking a bit longer to find romance rather than get stuck in a loop of bad Tinder dates.