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Why I Appreciate The Fighting Power & Survival Skills Of Women

Survival means fighting for yourself in every possible capacity, getting stronger with every bump in the road and getting back on your feet no matter how dark and scary life may be. From survival, we grow stronger. To me, survival and strength also means women. Because of societal expectations, constant demands and scrutiny, women are the strongest people in the world. We have survived so much and we continue to fight. Due to our persistence and our determination, we have come a long way, from getting the right to own land and vote to having female presidential candidates.

women doing exercisesBut regardless of the amazing progress our society has made, some outdated societal expectations still exist. For example, women are still expected to stay home and take care of kids and we still are scrutinized over the way we dress. Unfortunately, due to our “overly emotional” side, our desire to dress differently once in a while and the shock the public has when a woman is willing to be assertive and stand up for herself, “consequences” follow. Domestic abuse, cyber bullying, stalking and sexual assault regularly occur and are often dismissed. However, these obstacles have helped women get stronger. 

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Sexual assault is a pressing issue women face. The statistics for women getting assaulted on a college campus and other places are astonishing. It has been documented that one in five women have been raped at some point in their lives. Sexual assault occurs anywhere and everywhere. Society has belittled women in terms of sexual assault by badgering them in court and not believing their stories. Unfortunately, men are in power in every community. But women continue to come forward with their stories, demand justice and hope instances of rape and sexual assault eventually decrease. All of this creates stronger women who are willing to fight for their rights and well-being. 

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Domestic abuse is also still prevalent today. Whether it be from a spouse, boyfriend or even another member in the household, women are beaten and abused for any small action they take or any statement they make. It is often difficult for women to exit an abusive relationship because they may be emotionally or financially dependent on the abuser. Furthermore, social construct has made women seem like a punching bag for men. At the end of the day, the way society views women has influenced how individuals treat women. However, social construct will never have complete power over women because through these unfortunate difficulties and unfair treatment, women have and will continue to persist. Hearing these stories helps people recognize the strength, ambition and determination of women.  

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Each woman is strong in her own manner and that strength comes from something. It may have come from past trauma, current emotional turmoil or instability in some aspect of your life. Do not make assumptions about a woman's past and what she was gone through, but do know her strength is unlike many others.