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Who is Right for The Bachelor Nick Viall So Far?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

It’s only the second week of The Bachelor and undoubtedly a lot has already happened — from Corrine’s antics, to kicking off a girl he had previously hooked up with, Nick’s 4th journey on the franchised series is off to a lively start.

After Nick missed his shot at the third time being a charm for finding love on the last season of Bachelor in Paradise, this time Nick has full rein on choosing the woman he will (hopefully) marry.

As The Bachelor approaches week three and Nick now has 22 women to continue on the journey with, here are our picks for who seems to have the best connection with Nick thus far!

1. Danielle M.

Even after only two episodes, it’s pretty difficult not to like Danielle. She’s adorable, extremely sweet, and even the other girls can’t help but to recognize only those great qualities about her. Danielle was the first person chosen for the solo date with Nick, which was packed with many emotions. It began with an exhilarating helicopter ride over Los Angeles, and ended with a very uncensored and heartfelt dinner, where Danielle was transparent with Nick about her ex fiancee, who passed away months into their engagement. Danielle revealed that in the past, most men have pushed away from her after she exposed this story to them — but Nick was very warm about the situation and explained his newfound admiration for her. Hopefully this experience opens the channel of trust between Nick and Danielle, and presents an opportunity for their relationship to grow.


2. Rachel

Typically, pick-up lines are often unappealing and cheesy, but somehow Rachel has managed to make it work multiple times on the show already. Rachel got the first impression rose from Nick, quite unsurprising given the nature of some of their early conversations. The two instantly clicked and had easy flowing, intellectual conversations that revealed a hearty chemistry between the two. Rachel is beautiful, has a good head on her shoulders and knows what she wants – and we think Nick has his sights pretty firmly set on her as well.

3. Vanessa

Vanessa was a stand-out in the season premiere introductions — she’s stunning, has an admirable and rewarding profession, and cooks amazing Italian food. When Vanessa exited the limo on the first night, it was clear the conversation she and Nick had was seamless. After Nick’s interactions with Corrine in the latest episode have gotten many of the girls flustered and discomforted, Vanessa stated that she questioned whether Nick’s intentions are to be in a relationship or to just mess around – but we’re hoping that her tough attitude only serves to strengthen her relationship with Nick, letting her make clear what she’s sticking around for and what kind of treatment she expects.

4. Alexis

Alexis made her first approach to Nick at the bachelor mansion wearing a shark costume (sorry Alexis, it’s definitively not a dolphin costume). She immediately proved herself as a girl who is not afraid to express herself and have a ball — qualities Nick shared in the last episode are something he is looking for in a woman. Her openness is another quality that makes her stick out as well. At the end of the last episode, she revealed to Nick that it was, in fact, the first year anniversary of her boob job, to which they celebrated with a “boob-iversary,” complete with cupcakes and singing. Their comfort level with one another is pretty apparent, and we’re hoping that this can evolve into an even more complex and open relationship between the two.



Sarah Ahern is a sophomore at UC Irvine studying literary journalism. Aside from writing for HerCampus, she interns for the self-help website DreamitAlive.com. In her free time, she enjoys writing, playing tennis, and baking.
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