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Imagine you're talking to someone you really like and then all of the sudden, one day they just decide not to respond. You think "Oh, I'll just wait. They'll definitely respond." But nope...they never do. Ghosting is when someone cuts off all communication with you without giving any reason why. Being ghosted is no fun. So why do people do it? There are certain situations where ghosting should be permitted, but also times where it is just straight up wrong. Here are some instances where it’s okay and not okay!

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One case where it is 100% okay to ghost someone is if they’re making you feel really uncomfortable and not safe. This could mean that they’re sending inappropriate messages that you don’t want to receive or even if they consistently keep messaging you after you tell them that you would not like to pursue anything with them. For me, this happens mostly when I meet people from dating sites. Sometimes, someone will message me with a message that just doesn’t sit right with me so I decide not to respond for my own good.

Another instance where it is okay to ghost someone is if they are lying to you. We’ve all heard the situations where the guy in aa relationship is trying to hit up other girls online. If you suspect this is happening to you, you do not owe the person an explanation for leaving. They are the one cheating in the first place and it is not wrong of you to not want to be involved with him anymore.

It may also be okay to ghost someone if they are being emotionally or physically abusive towards you. In this case, your own safety is most important so getting out of contact with the person is necessary.

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Now all of the items listed above are valid reasons to ghost someone immediately. But there are also some cases where ghosting is not okay. If you go on a few dates with someone or hook up with someone and ultimately you decide you don’t like them, don’t ghost. The polite thing to do is to send a message telling them that you think they’re great but you’re just not interested in pursuing anything with them. This will save the person from developing any sort of feelings and it’s really just the nice thing to do.

Another time you shouldn’t ghost someone is if you’re already in a relationship with them for however long and decide you want to break up. You should not just one day stop responding to someone you have already established a relationship with. It’s important to be upfront and honest with someone if you feel like the relationship isn’t working out.

You should also definitely not ghost someone if you already have plans set with the other person. Standing someone up is just rude and shows you have no manners at all. If you’re not interested, why make plans in the first place? [bf_image id="q5b5ku-1n9t4o-aks41r"] There are definitely times when ghosting might be necessary, but oftentimes people just ghost people because they are too scared of confrontation and seeing the other person upset. Personally, I would prefer it if someone were just to tell me that it isn’t going to work out, instead of just sitting around waiting for the other person to say anything at all. So before you decide to ghost another Tinder date or hookup, think again and maybe give them the courtesy of letting them know that you are not interested anymore.  

Caitlyn studied at UCLA where she majored in English and minored in film. She loves writing about all things lifestyle and entertainment related. When she is not writing articles, she loves going to hot yoga, reading, and binge-watching One Tree Hill for the hundredth time!
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