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What A Christmas Tree Means To Me After Not Having One For 3 Years

When I was in high school, I had the privilege of getting to go to Las Vegas for Christmas with my family because it was a company trip where my mum worked. My sister and I were so excited because we believed we were going to have an amazing time because it was Vegas and we had never gone during Christmas.

We did not realize that all we would end up doing is stay in the room during Christmas night with my grandma, watching random reruns of shows. This happened for three years in a row. One year there was a time when we got crackers and an iced coffee at the convenience store on the first floor of the hotel, the only reason why my sister and I remember this is because the iced coffee was really good and we have not been able to find it since. During Christmas, I do not feel like the biggest thing you should remember is really good iced coffee. I feel like you should remember putting up a tree with your family and eating a home cooked dinner together, staying up super late watching Christmas movies. That is what you should remember and that is what I am so excited to remember now. 

Although my family has not gone to Las Vegas for Christmas in two years, we still have not had a Christmas tree in three. Even then, the one year we did have a tree, we had gone to Las Vegas for the actual day of Christmas. 

Now this year, my sister and I are so excited to put up the tree. The tree we got this year is one that is not real, but I do not care because all I can think about is how there will actually be a tree in the house. One that I will get to decorate with my sister. And my family will finally watch a movie in the living room as we used to.

For most people, a Christmas tree is just a Christmas tree, but for me it means I will be in my own house with my family, and we will be celebrating together. It means getting to spend time with my family without anything happening. That is a Christmas I want to remember. That is a Christmas I have wanted for so long.

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