We Got to Attend Covergirl's Immersive Beauty Experience in Celebration of their New Fall Line

Last night, we were lucky enough to attend Covergirl’s Fall 2018 Launch Party, and it was a true immersive beauty experience. In just a few months, Covergirl will be launching a new line that is guided by the slogan “I am what I make up”. In the heart of West Hollywood, Covergirl hosted a trendy, chic and unique party for influencers, celebs and makeup gurus. Everything from the backyard to the bathroom decor was stylish and worthy of a picture (or ten). On top of the endless trendy elements, there were vegan finger foods that even a meat-lover would love and refreshing cocktails to sip on throughout the venue.

#IamWhatIMakeUp is the driving inspiration for Covergirl's new line. Their new products are embracing individuality, self-expression and choosing for yourself what it means to be beautiful. Many of their brand ambassadors acknowledge that women don’t need makeup; we use it as a vehicle of self-expression and creativity. Many of their products in this Fall 2018 line use bold colors and daring trends, and we can’t wait to see how the public reacts to Covergirl's rebranding.

Each room of the house had a different theme or activity, which definitely kept the event flowing with fun and ensured that none of the rooms got too crowded. While all of the spaces were fun and had makeup samples to try on and take home, there were two rooms that we absolutely loved! The first room we went in was a foundation-inspired room. Pillows that represented different foundation shades covered the entire floor, so what do we do? We got to have a cool aerial-view photo shoot of our own, which was super fun! If last night taught us anything, it’s that we need to work on our posing skills. Some of the ladies in front of us were true photo shoot pro’s!

The next room that was absolutely amazing was the Covergirl movie room. We got to fulfill our lifelong dream of becoming America's Next Top Model in our short, 15-second clip. Though we are nowhere near professionals, we had our very own camera man follow us around the room as we laughed and danced together. This was definitely a highlight of our night, but we also came to the realization that now we REALLY need to work on our posing skills.

In another room, we waited in a long line to get our lips read - I mean, who wouldn't? After we got to the front of the line, we put on a Covergirl lipstick of choice and kissed the paper in front of us. The lipstick-reader-guru, then spent a few minutes with each of us writing down what she saw in our lipstick mark. We left in shock at how correct her predictions about our personalities, likes and interests had been. It was magical to say the least.

All in all, we are loving everything Covergirl stands for this time around. It is important for all women, and especially college-aged women, to feel comfortable in their individuality. College is an important time for young girls to hone their skills and identify their strengths. We would even go so far as to say that Covergirl’s new line will help women do just that because their products help women show their creativity and uniqueness with confidence. The best part is we truly believe there is a product for everyone. Honestly, fall could not come soon enough!