We Attended Rosé Day LA in Malibu to Celebrate National Rosé Day

On Saturday, June 9th, we were lucky enough to be able to attend Rosé Day LA held in Malibu, CA. The event lasted from noon to sunset, and the pink aesthetics were out of this world! 

With the perfect photo ops placed throughout the grounds, the Instagram posts from the event are sure to create some real FOMO.

When first entering the pink wonderland, each group was handed a pink blanket with small stitching in the corner to commemorate the event. With the blankets, guests were encouraged to lay them out on the green grass for some real picnic vibes. 

If chilling on the ground was not your style, there were long tables with centerpieces filled with pink flowers and umbrellas to shade from the scorching sun.

On each table, there were pink parasols for everyone to take and use throughout the day! They provided shade for all your walking around needs, and they made for the perfect photo prop!

The options of Rosé ranged from bottles of Rosé champagne or Rosé wine, which came with a chilling bag full of ice, or their signature cocktail of the day, which contained Rosé, vodka, mint and more. 

The photo ops at the event really were endless. There was a traveling photo bus, which featured a photo booth and many props to add to your photos. 

There was a also giant picture frame for you to step into, letting everyone have a #moetmoment.

Not to mention all the flowers everywhere that made any photo background look glam and on point. 

There were activities going on at almost every table, and games, like dominos, decks of cards and even Jenga were set up everywhere. If you were lucky enough to get VIP or hospitality tickets, there was extravagant seating for those behind the white fences. Even though there was some separation, the entire event felt very connected and inclusive, and that was thanks to the DJ’s playing all the hits and the yummy food trucks that were hand-picked by Iron Chef Marc Forgione. Vivace Pizzeria’s wood fired pizza was to die for! 

With celebrity guests like Ashlee Simpson Ross, Evan Ross, Emily VanCamp and more, we were sure we were going to have a good time, and we did! The event was a millennial’s dream come true—the shades of pink, the yummy wine and the chill vibes that lasted the entire day made for the perfect way to spend the national holiday. There was even WiFi!