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Want to Mix Up Your Playlist? Check Out Rising Star Isabel Kingsley

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Starting from records and evolving to online streaming platforms, music speaks to everyone. In different stages in our lives we need different types of music, but there are always the consistent artists that just stick. Finding one of these special people can be difficult, but in an attempt to tune your ear to someone new, I reached out to an extremely gifted UCLA musician. I interviewed Isabel Kingsley about her experience in the music industry so you could get to know an upcoming artist who could be the next addition to your playlist. 

I thought it would be interesting to see what Isabel Kingsley’s favorite part of writing and performing music is to better understand her as an artist. She said, “it’s the storytelling aspect for me; [it is the] universal language for people of all backgrounds.” Not only was this answer super insightful but also true. When you really think about it, music is a connection that can be shared across cultures, languages, and backgrounds. She also emphasized the importance of creating a space for women within her music. 

When asked why listeners should tune in to her new music, she replied that it “offers a fun and warm perspective on adolescence” and “growing up and finding your first love.” Her album comes out on July 5th, and it is meant to notate her own experience of the “positive innocence of growing up.” Her single, “I Saw You”, will be released on May 3rd; it is a story about one of her first relationships after moving to LA. She even references a personal journal she kept during the time which shows how dedicated she is to authenticity. 

Her goal is to sing her own music and make songs that “people can relate to other people with.” Staying original and true to herself and her experiences is the most important aspect of her music. She is sure others have gone through the same things and wants everyone to be able to build a connection with her music naturally. Overall, Isabel Kingsley wants to “be able to create change and [for her music] to mean something” to you as a listener. 

Her eight track album will be released on July 5th of this year, and her new single will be available on May 3rd. Check her out on Instagram @isabelkingsleymusic and don’t forget to pre-save and add her songs to your new playlist! 

Kailey is an English major at UCLA and has her sights set on writing pieces that connect people to nature. Her main goal in her articles is to inspire people to be authentic and chase their passion.