Using the Kardashian “ex-box” to Move On from Past Relationships

In last Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim and Kourtney recommend using an “ex-box” to help process past relationships, and essentially move on from them. 

According to the sisters, an ex-box is not a video game, but a box of all the old stuff that they saved from their past relationships and can’t convince themselves to throw out.

Items might include anything from saved movie tickets to jewelry. In Kourtney's ex-box, she had an old letter that one of her boyfriends wrote to her as well as many photos of her and her ex. Kim even had an old chicken nugget box from a first date.  

Kim and Kourtney believe that every relationship is a learning experience that holds special memories. An ex-box allows them to move on from past relationships, without having to forget these experiences and memories.

The sisters find something therapeutic in placing all of their old memories in a box and then closing it. The box is a metaphor for how they are closing one chapter of their lives, and moving onto the next. 

What do you think of an ex-box? If you are in the middle of a breakup yourself, why not try it?