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Understanding Kanye West’s and Julia Fox’s Relationship Timeline

JuliYe is taking the world by storm, and being nosy, I needed to do a deep dive into understanding their fast-paced relationship and how it came about.

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As a recap, “JuliYe” is a reference to the world’s newest “it” couple: Kanye West and Julia Fox. The couple emerged shortly after the highly publicized split between West and Kim Kardashian West, but some backstory between the divorce is needed before getting into the new relationship.

Because, just weeks before West met Fox, West was still publicly mourning the relationship.

In November, Kardashian West began publicly dating comedian Pete Davidson, as they made the relationship Instagram official with a matching PJ picture on Flavor Flav’s Instagram. Kardashian West has been spotted with Davidson on multiple occasions out and about in LA as well as New York. The two seem to be living life and minding their business.

Ye, on the other hand, was seemingly not having the same reaction to the divorce as Kardashian West. He unfollowed Kardashian West in November while rumors were still fresh and swirling about her new involvement with Davidson. 

Additionally, he has made different attempts to remain in her life including purchasing an estate right next to Kardashian West’s and publicly calling out for her during his latest show at the Coliseum in Los Angeles in early December. During his show, Ye sang “Runaway,” altering the lyrics to say “Come back to me baby, more specifically, Kimberly.”

With these moments in mind, it made Ye’s relationship with Fox even more shocking as he flipped his opinions overnight. 


Kanye West met Julia Fox for the first time on New Year’s Eve during an NYE party he was performing at in Miami. Fox herself is known within the entertainment scene, most notably for her role in the TV show Uncut Gems. The pair clicked instantly, spending the night together dancing, laughing and getting to know each other.


The pair moved hot and heavy, within a few days already going on a trip together to New York on January 4th. They have been spotted on multiple dates and appeared enamored with each other. 

By January 6th, the couple already announced they were officially dating through a post on Interview magazine’s Instagram account. What is most interesting about this post is that it directly mirrors an image that we have seen before between Kardashian West and Ye. It makes many wonder if this was a planned post.

Photo Via @Interviewmag

Things continued to move with Fox and Ye’s public relationship as they took the public along with them for the formation of their bond. On January 15th, Fox announced her collab with Interview Magazine titled “Fox News,” where she would continue to keep the public updated on her journey with West over the preceding course of their relationship

Fox and West seem very happy together, in their honeymoon stage, head over heels in love. They have been doing everything together and Fox has described it as a “Cinderella” story of her own regard. A mother and self-starter, Fox has been carrying herself while supporting others around her throughout her whole life. Having Ye in her life has been a complete 180 for her as she is allowing herself to be spoiled by Ye and embark on this journey with him.

Photo Via @Interviewmag

By January 23rd, the couple made a very public debut in Paris for Paris Fashion Week. They have been very open with their relationship and did not hide it in their Paris trip, donning matching outfits and going on outings together. 

For die-hard KimYe fans like myself, this was probably the most telling moment of the relationship thus far. Paris was a sentimental location for their relationship and for Ye to take his new fling there for the biggest week in fashion is truly more than a trip but a statement. Both Kardashian West and West are making moves to move on past their relationship, but is it a good idea to do so publicly?

The timeline between Ye and Fox is short, yes, but that is because things are moving so fast and so publicly post-break-up. It is not easy dating in the public eye and even harder divorcing in this eye, so it is safe to say it is very uncharted territory for the pair. 

I do have my own speculations though for why things are so public between the pair and their new flings and, simply put, it is good press. Ye has many new projects coming up and the public can’t seem to get his name out of their mouths regarding not only his music but his personal life as it adds fuel to the fire. With a new Netflix documentary only weeks away and his announcement of Donda 2 coming out on February 22nd of this year, this is a perfect time for his name to be a topic of conversation. 

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While I, along with many, am incredibly curious to see how this relationship progresses, I think it is safe to say the pair is over the moon with each other. I expect to see a lot more JuliYe content coming out over the course of the next few months.

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