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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

As we enter the new year I have my own take on what we should bring into 2024, and what we should leave in 2023. Here are my Ins and Outs as a UCLA student.

In: Creative Writing Seminars

I’m currently in my first creative writing seminar, English 137A, and it’s the most fun I’ve ever had in a class. It’s a 12-person workshop, and we participate in fun writing exercises, read short stories, and workshop each other’s original short stories. Although you have to apply to get in, it’s a one of a kind chance to get feedback on your writing in a non-judgmental, serious setting, or just have fun writing stories. You don’t have to be an English major or anything to take it and it would probably be great to put on a resume!

Out: In-person GE’s

If there’s two things about GE’s that are true, it’s that they are easy and they are GIANT. No matter how hard you try, the professor is not going to get to know you on a personal level. The last GE I took was online and I feel like I learned the same, if not more, than my classes in person. I took the online “Women in Power in Ancient Civilizations” class and it forced me to do readings and watch videos in a way that in person classes didn’t, because I was tested with essays as opposed to multiple choice. Because of this, I will be taking the rest of my GE’s online if I can help it. I’m leaving in-person GE’s in 2023.

In: My Uggs from Middle School

Over break, when I was visiting my hometown in Pennsylvania, I didn’t bring much from school home. Therefore, my wardrobe consisted mostly of winter clothes from middle and high school. I rocked my middle school UGGs, the brown ones with bows in the back, pretty much every day. The amount of compliments I got on these UGGs was astonishing: people thought I got them THIS Christmas. So, I’m taking this as a sign to rock with my UGGs, and other fashion items from middle school. 

Out: High Rise Jeans

It’s a pretty common fashion trend that jeans recycle in and out of fashion every ten years. From skinny, ripped, high waisted jeans the world is now transitioning back to bagging, low cut jeans that are definitely three sizes too big. These are also way comfier. So, catch me donating all my jeans this year and shopping in the XL section of the thrift store.


To be honest, I never really went to the library last year. It was simply way too far from the hill. Since getting a job at YRL, however, I’ve been able to explore the numerous floors, study spaces, and stacks and stacks of books it contains. If I’m studying in a library, I want to be buried in stacks of books where I can’t see the light of day. So, I’ll be studying in YRL a lot more this year. 

Out: Powell

The one library I did visit last year was Powell. I was met with overcrowded, uncomfortably echoey rooms that did not foster my studying environment. I’m leaving Powell in 2023. 

In: Acting My Age

There’s so much pressure at UCLA to have 50 jobs and internships by the time you’re 22. You need research experience, to be the head of ten clubs, and volunteer hours on top of your coursework. What we often forget, as UCLA students, is that it’s okay to act our age. We can go out, go adventuring, travel, sleep half the day, and we can still be successful. I’m going to try to remind myself constantly in 2024 that I don’t have to go too fast; I have the rest of my life to have ten jobs. 

Out: Setting Unrealistic Goals

New Years is often marked with New Year’s resolutions. There’s nothing wrong with seeing 2024 as a fresh start, but this often brings about a pressure to completely transform your daily routine to fit the “it girl” mold. Instead of changing every aspect of your life, choose a goal that is realistic and will bring both joy and positive change to your life. Goals shouldn’t stress you out, they should motivate you! Be realistic, and step into 2024 on the right foot. 

Overall, we are bringing good energy into 2024. We are leaving the stress, pressure, and bad vibes in 2023. Cheers to a healthy 2024!

Katy is a first year communications major at UCLA originally from Pennsylvania! She enjoys baking, Taylor Swift, and lifting :)